Information on compensation for disadvantages in respect of examinations


Students facing disadvantages as a result of disability or chronic illness may claim special accommodations or arrangements to compensate for these disadvantages. Alongside students with disabilities and/or chronic conditions, persons with mental health issues, partial performance dysfunctions (such as dyslexia or dyscalculia) or attention disorders may also be entitled to compensation for disadvantages.

Compensation for disadvantages guarantees that students with and without disabilities can take part in examinations on equal terms. To ensure equal opportunities for everyone, students with an impairment must achieve the same academic standards to pass an examination as non-impaired fellow students. Only the manner in which the knowledge or required skills are tested is adjusted to the special needs. Compensations for disadvantages therefore do not make it easier to pass examinations or offer students unfair advantages. They serve only to compensate for disadvantages impaired students have compared to other students.

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General Information

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Please submit your application for compensation for the winter semester by December 1 and for the summer semester by June 1. A retrospective application for disadvantage compensation after an examination is excluded. If you need assistance with the application, please contact Corinna Steinebronn. Otherwise, the application will be submitted in full with suitable evidence to Prof. Dr. Joanna Ozga submitted, she decides on the application.


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Application form

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You can provide your doctor with the following information sheet to help you prove that the required requirements are met.

Inhalte von ärztlichen Attesten

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Content of doctor's certificates

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