First semester (freshman) orientation

Important information about beginning to study

Dear students,

Welcome to the department of business. We look forward to an exciting study with you and many new findings. Unfortunately, due to the still unclear situation at the beginning of the semester and the way the summer semester is carried out, we cannot give you any information about possible introductory events. All introductory events planned for you will initially not take place. We will inform you here as soon as we have more information.


What is important for you now?


When you enrolled at the university, you received your fd number and password in an email from the data center. You can use this to log into our e-learning system eFBW.

In the eFBW you will find a lot of information that is important for you. Among other things, it describes how to dial into the modules of the first semester. Further important information (including video clips) on dialing into our event management system horstl can be obtained from the study office here (in German only).

You can enrol to lectures of the first semester now and no later than April 14, 2020, 12:00 noon. After April 14th, 2020 you will be distributed to the lectures and can see your schedule from April 15th, 2020 (in horstl under “mein Studium” / “Stundenplan”).

Additionally for Bachelor students: As you can see from the course catalogue, there are several parallel groups in the 6 compulsory modules in the 1st semester; please select one group from these parallel groups without any overlap. Our tip: Select the same parallel group for all modules.

After the events have been allocated, courses will be assigned to you in our e-learning system (eFBW). There you will find further information on the course and content of your lectures.

Despite the adverse circumstances, we wish you a good start to your studies.

Best regards,

Your Department of Business


Claudia Birringer

Secretary to the Dean

Building 30 , Room 104
Claudia Birringer+49 661 9640-2802
Office hours
Mo – Fr: in the morning