Student Council

Dear Students,

The Department of Business has had an elected Student Council for a number of semesters now.

The Student Council represents the interests of students in the department and, as we see it, is the link between the student body and the professors and lecturers as well as the other university bodies, such as the Departmental Council, the Senate, the Student Parliament, the General Student Committee (AStA) and the Student Association Conference.

We organise the following events for you:

  • Freshers’ induction programme
  • Lectures and field trips
  • Cultural events
  • Student Association weekends

In addition, we offer help with almost any problem that you might have, especially if it is related to your studies.

We do our best but our work depends first and foremost on your support. The Student Council urgently needs practical input – we really appreciate every additional pair of hands and every new set of ideas.

The Student Council meets at 13.30 every Wednesday in Building 30 (M), Room 022.

We look forward to meeting you.

Your Student Council


There is a Chairperson and a Deputy Chairperson.
The Chairperson’s duties consist of preparing and chairing the meetings of the Student Council as well as of maintaining contact with the Dean of the Department of Business.

Representatives in the following university bodies: Student Council, Senate, Student Parliament, Student Association Conference
The representatives attend meetings of these bodies and report back to the Student Council, the aim being to determine how its work should best proceed.
Finance Officer
There are two finance officers in the Student Council. They manage the Council’s funds, calculate the budget for the Council’s activities and submit various financial accounts to the General Student Committee (AStA).

IT Officer
Two IT officers are in charge of maintaining the Student Council’s two computers, its printer and its website.

Inventory manager
There are two inventory managers. They are required to monitor the Student Council’s stocks of goods and equipment as well as the Student Council kitchen. 

University Bodies

Student Council (FSR)
Each departmental Student Council represents the interests of the students in that department. The members are elected on an annual basis by the Student Association (all students in the department). Each student enrolled in the department has both active and passive voting rights in those elections. Remember: IT IS IMPORTANT TO USE YOUR VOTE! The Student Council conducts its day-to-day business using funds that it receives from the General Student Committee (AStA). It also organises the department’s annual student party. Basically, the Student Council is the student self-governance committee, but it is worth while getting involved, especially because you gain insider information about the department – and it can be fun!

Student Parliament (StuPa)
The StuPa comprises up to 25 students from different departments. The precise number depends on the outcome of the university elections, which are held in December each year. The StuPa can be understood as the legislative power in student self-governance. The StuPa is headed by one President and two Vice-Presidents. They are in charge of carrying out the StuPa’s work and chair the meetings.

The most important duties are:

  • Setting student semester fees
  • Electing the General Student Committee (AStA), discharging it and dissolving it
  • Controlling the student body’s budget
  • Electing the student representatives to the board of Student Services
  • Passing resolutions regarding the student body’s statutes.

The StuPa’s website is

The Senate is the university’s central body. Depending on the task in hand, it meets in different compositions. The “reduced Senate” is a working group in which the professors have the majority of the votes. For key issues, an augmented Senate with a tripartite majority is convened. In that case, professors, staff and students each have one-third of the votes.

The reduced Senate is tasked with decisions about the development of the university, adopting the university’s statutes, approving study and examination regulations, setting up new departments and expressing opinions regarding the departments’ structural plans. The Senate is chaired by the President of the University.

Student Association Conference (FSK)
If possible, each Student Council should send two of its members to the Student Association Conference. The Conference’s main task is to ensure that an exchange of information takes place between the individual departments. It also helps the General Student Committee (AStA) to gauge departmental opinion on debatable issues. Among other things, the Conference is also in charge of coordinating and planning events.


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