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We are pleased to note your interest in our Bachelor's programme in International Business Administration.

Programme name and degreeInternational Business Administration
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Target groupStudents with a general higher education entrance qualification, a technical college leaving certificate or an equivalently accredited qualification, who
  • would like to understand business and economic contexts;
  • would like to build up knowledge of management, marketing management, logistics, controllership, finance, HR and taxation as well as to develop social and leadership skills;
  • would enjoy working in an intercultural corporate environment; and
  • aspire to a position in a multinational company after graduation.
GoalTo qualify for a position in a business enterprise as
  • management support;
  • a general manager; or
  • a specialist

in a multinational company or in a small or medium-sized enterprise with international connections, located in Germany or abroad.
StartSummer and winter semester, each calendar year
Standard duration7 semesters
Teaching methodsSeminars (combination of lectures and practical sessions), case studies, presentations, discussions, role plays, simulations, e-learning and video conferences - consistently with a practical and international focus
Language of instructionGerman and English
LecturersProfessors, external lecturers and (international) guest speakers
AccreditationThe study programme has been successfully reaccredited and has been offered in the current form since the winter semester 2020/21.

We would like to make sure that you get off to a good start in our programme in International Business Administration, having established the connections that you need. We also want you to enjoy your studies and to have plenty of opportunity to think outside the box. That is why we encourage you to take full advantage of the following:

  • Freshers' induction week - including a team-building workshop - to help you to adjust to university life
  • Mentoring programme for students in their first semester
  • Preparatory courses in mathematics for students in their first semester
  • Tutorials (practical tuition sessions conducted by more advanced students to provide back-up support for selected courses)
  • Visits to business enterprises
  • Projects with partner universities abroad
  • Complementary seminars on a range of different topics (e.g. style and etiquette, how to write a job application, how to deal with assessment centres, tax advice for students and much more besides)

The pages in this section of our website will give you a wealth of information on the structure, profile, content, procedures and goals of the programme. Detailed information is also provided about the integrated semester abroad, admission requirements and putting what you learn into practice.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

With kind regards

Prof. Dr. Loredana Viola and Prof. Dr. Tobias Knedlik

Program Director

Prof. Dr.

Loredana Viola

Business Administration and Marketing

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Prof. Dr.Loredana Viola+49 661 9640-
Consultation hours
siehe eFBW

Programme Director

Prof. Dr.

Tobias Knedlik


International Economics

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Profile and objectives

The Bachelor's programme in International Business Administration has a long tradition at Fulda University of Applied Sciences. It has been offered in its current, optimised form since the winter semester 2020/21. Our programme has a strong focus on international and practical experience and lasts 7 semesters. It comprises 35 modules and includes one semester abroad, which is completed as a study semester or as an internship in a country where a foreign language is spoken.

Our goal is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the content, concepts, methodology and instruments of general business administration, corporate operations and related disciplines. We ensure that students are equipped to apply this knowledge, in theory as well as in actual practice, to both  familiar and new challenges that arise in international environments. Our students enjoy the significant benefits of small class sizes and gain direct experience of international life in our multicultural student groups.

Contents and structure

The standard duration of studies is 7 semesters.

1st Semester2nd Semester3rd Semester4th Semester
General Business Administration IGeneral Business Administration IITaxationMarketing Management
Financial AccountingCost AccountingManagement AccountingLogistics
Introduction to Economics & ResearchFinancial ReportingFundamentals of Human Resource ManagementEnterprise Resource Planning Systems
Business EnglishBusiness LawInvestment and FinanceDigital Business
Mathematics IProfessional and Academic EnglishMicroeconomics & International TradeMacroeconomics & International Monetary Economics
StatisticsMathematics IICommercial and Company LawEmployment Law

In the first two semesters, you will learn the basics of business administration and business law. You get to know fundamentals of mathematics and research methods. In the third and fourth semester you will get in-depth insights into business functions of a firm and expand your knowledge in law and economics.

What is more, you will improve your English language skills at an academic level. Moreover, you learn about how to use application software to support a company’s resource planning.


5th semester6th semester7th semester

Period abroad

(A period of study abroad or an internship in a country where a foreign language is spoken)

Specialist Subject Module 1Specialist Subject Module 3
Specialist Subject Module 2Elective Module 2
Elective Module 1Entrepreneurship
Decision Training and Business SimulationApplied Business Management
Sustainable Business Management
Bachelor's thesis
Leadership, Interculturality and Communication

Work placement/Period abroad (fifth semester):

In the 5th semester, you will either complete a study abroad /exchange program at a foreign university or a work placement module (BPS) in a company based abroad. Optionally, the work placement module  can also be carried out in an international business unit of a company based in Germany.

The semester abroad requires that you have fully completed the modules of the 1st and 2nd semesters and have acquired 75 ECTS by 15.04. or 15.10. prior to the start of the studies/internship.

Profile studies (sixth and seventh semesters):

You can design the profile studies according to your interests by choosing a specialist subject from the following offer - consisting of three subject-related modules - in order to deepen your knowledge in them. This specialization is supplemented by two elective subjects, which give your study a very individual touch. You will also acquire in-depth knowledge in the area of corporate management and apply the knowledge you have acquired in the previous semester in a business simulation game.

Area of specialisationThe three modules included
Accounting, Taxation and AuditingInternational Accounting
Tax Balance Sheet Statutes, Corporate Reorganizations and Auditing
Management AccountingCost Accounting Systems
Advanced Corporate Finance
Project Management and Controlling
Human ResourcesThe Core Functions of HR Management
Leadership and Staff Development
Current Challenges in Human Resource Management
MarketingMarket Research and Strategies for Markets
Marketing Mix and Implementation
Applied Methods of Marketing Research
LogisticsCorporate Logistics
Introduction to Supply Chain Management
Current Challenges in Logistics


You will complete your study programme by writing a Bachelor’s thesis on a practical business administration topic. 

Details of the courses are provided in the module handbook. This and the legal framework for our study programme are included in the Examination Regulations.

Admission requirements

You will be admitted to the study programme in International Business Administration if you have a university entrance qualification. These qualifications include the general univerity entrance qualification awarded to secondary school graduates, a subject-related qualification granting admission to a university or a university of applied sciences, a master craftsman certificate or an equivalent professional qualification.

You also need to have sufficient knowledge of German and English to enable you to understand lectures and subject material in both languages. Applicants must have English skills equivalent to at least level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Students whose mother tongue is English or who have graduated from a university or college programme conducted predominately in English are exempted from meeting this requirement. 

Applicants from a higher education establishment abroad must provide evidence of having German skills that meet the requirements of or are equivalent to the German language test for admission to university (DSH II).

You can start the programme in International Business Administration in the winter or summer semester. There are 110 places available each semester. 

The Examination Regulations provide detailed information about admission requirements. Just click here.

Click here for an unofficial English translation of the Examination Regulations
and the module handbook/descriptions.

Internships abroad/Studies abroad/Erasmus

Internships abroad

All students are required to complete an internship in the practical phase of the programme or to spend a period of study abroad. The internationally oriented internship lasts six months and is arranged at a company or organisation in a country where a foreign language is spoken.Students are expected to work the standad hours of a full-time employee. If you need help to find an internship abroad, please contact Ms Martina Langsch (Internships).

The internship abroad is complemented by two seminars, in which you will be supervised by a professor. You will have fulfilled the internship requirements if the company or organisation issues a certificate of completion, if you have submitted the required internship report on time and if you have successfully completed the two seminars. Details are provided in Annex 3 (Internship Regulations) of the Examination Regulations.

Please contact Ms Martina Langsch (Internships) if you have any questions.


Studies abroad

The semester abroad is an integral part of the study programme in International Business Administration.

You can study at a partner university or look for a university yourself. Alternatively, you can do an internship abroad (see above).

At the beginning of the second semester, you will be given basic information about the options for studying abroad, e.g. where you can go, what support is available and the meaning of "Erasmus".

The Department of Business has partnerships with universities in Europe, the USA and Australia. There are also well-established partnerships with Fulda University of Applied Sciences and the German federal State of Hesse.

While studying abroad, you will earn at least 20 credit points by completing at least four modules in Business Administration.

Your studies abroad will offer you many opportunities to deepen your theoretical knowledge and to strengthen your intercultural competence.

Our study programme International Business Administration will also allow you to earn a double Bachelor's degree (i.e. a second degree besides the one you will receive from Fulda University of Applied Sciences) at some of our partner universities, including the Dublin Business School (Ireland) and the University of the Sunshine Coast (Australia).

Please direct questions about your studies abroad to our International Coordinator, Ms Adrienne Stickel.


Financially supported studies abroad/Erasmus exchange

The Department of Business maintains partnerships with several European universities that offer tuition-free places as well as monthly support from EU Erasmus funds – referred to as Erasmus exchange.

Click here for a list of partner universities that have concluded an Erasmus Agreement with the Department of Business.

Please find more information here.

Instruction and instructors

The high quality of this study programme stems from the organisational framework and appropriate study conditions combined with didactic skills of our experienced educators. Our team consists of professors as well as highly qualified staff and external lecturers.  We communicate pertinent knowledge and expertise derived from actual practice - and we do so with enthusiasm. We are application-oriented and have a global focus. You will benefit from our years of practical experience. We also introduce you to the techniques of academic writing, thereby enabling you to complete your semester/project papers and the Bachelor’s thesis in accordance with academic standards.  

Tuition sessions at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences are usually seminar-style, a combination of lectures and practical exercises. We favour an active exchange between teachers and students and encourage you to be actively involved in the learning process. Under the supervision of the lecturer, you analyse examples and case studies, work with professional and academic articles, perform role plays and solve e-learning problems.

You will attend German and English language modules and absorb expert knowledge through German and English. We want to provide you with the tools that you will need to find your way through the international business world and that is why many classes are held in English. You will thus have a valuable opportunity to become familiar with subject-specific terminology in English and to engage in sufficient practice so that you are able express yourself accurately. There are also frequent opportunities to participate in lectures given in English by renowned guest speakers.  

Teaching material is placed on the Department’s electronic platform “eFBW“, which is also a platform for communication between students and their professors and instructors.

To ensure that our classes and teaching are evaluated on a regular basis and to enable us to further enhance the quality of our study programme, a standardised questionnaire is handed out toward the end of each semester. All data is treated anonymously.

Excellent career opportunities for graduates

Your studies and your Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration will equip you to obtain a position as a general manager, in management support, or in another function that requires international business expertise.

Potential employers include multinational companies as well as medium-sized firms with an international orientation in Germany and abroad. Our programme will boost your chances of quickly obtaining gainful employment in manufacturing, trade or the service sector. 

Globalisation means that qualified graduates with a globally orientated Bachelor's degree in Business Administration are in great demand. Your prospects in the future job market are therefore excellent.

Alternatively, you may wish to study for a Master's degree. The Department of Business offers the following MSc programmes:

• International Management

• Accounting, Finance and Controllership

• Supply Chain Management

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