International students

There are many raw materials, such as spices and exotic fruits, that we take for granted today. We do that mainly because food and its ingredients have for a very long time been distributed well beyond their regions of origin.
Food is therefore often produced and processed on a transnational scale. Many food technologists work in an international environment. The Department of Food Technology is committed to and encourages international connections in many ways:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology PLUS incorporating a year abroad
  • Bachelor’s degree in Science and Engineering
  • Research and teaching cooperation with European and non-European higher education institutions 
  • Cooperation in research, development and technology transfer with European and non-European institutions 
  • Worldwide study and practical periods for students – often on exchanges
  • A higher-than-average number of foreign students
  • Membership of international organisations

More information on studying abroad and exchange programmes is also available from the team of the International Office of Fulda University of Applied Sciences.