Moodle & Horstl-Portal


Moodle is one of the most widely used e-learning systems in the world. The platform is designed to support teachers and students in delivering and taking part in teaching courses and activities. 

Central to that aim is improving communication between teaching staff and students. The developers of Moodle take a (social-) constructivist approach which assumes that teaching staff and students are both actively involved in the learning process. 

Access to the e-learning platform of the Department of Food Technology (LT-Moodle):

E-Learning-Platform (LT-Moodle)

Horstl portal

The Horstl portal is an online organisational tool. It offers students the following functionalities:

  • Registration for courses and sessions (especially laboratory practicals) and examinations
  • Current timetable 
  • Printing out enrolment certificates
  • Printing out transcripts of records
  • Contact data management

Link Horstl-Portal