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What does it cover?

The food we buy in our supermarkets is mainly industrially manufactured. Agriculturally produced raw materials such as grain pass through many stages of processing and chemical, physical and microbiological changes before they are ready to be sold as food. That is what makes food technology an interdisciplinary engineering science.

The Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology offers students education and training on a scientific basis and closely related to practice. The entire food chain (“from farm to fork”) is considered from technological, technical, economic and scientific perspectives.

Your profile

  • You enjoy science and technology.
  • You are interested in taking a study programme that offers variety, has a strong practical relevance, and revolves around food.
  • You would like to gain expertise in your subject while also training professional, social and methodological skills.
  • You are looking for a programme that allows you to set an individual focus in your studies from an extensive choice of compulsory elective modules.

Your background

  • You have a high-school leaving certificate, technical high-school leaving certificate or a qualification as a master craftsman.
  • Alternatively, you have a vocational qualification (not a high-school leaving certificate) in an area relevant to the study programme. More information here.
  • You are required to complete an eight-week work placement in the food industry or in a related professional field (evidence must be provided by the third semester). More information here.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


We support you.

To make the transition to higher education easier, we recommend that prospective students take our preliminary courses in mathematics and chemistry, which are available two weeks before the start of the programme. More information and the exact dates are available here. We also offer subject-specific support in the form of tutorials for many modules in the first two semesters. Our student mentors are available to answer all your questions regarding your studies. 

Programme content and structure

The Bachelor of Food Technology is a modular programme commencing each year in the winter semester. The standard duration of studies is seven semesters (210 ECTS credit points). Students generally complete six modules per semester. 

The programme content is of a general nature and covers a wide range of subjects. Our study programme differs from comparable programmes in that it specifically does not require early specialisation or focus on a specific product and therefore has a broad relevance to application. Examples of the modules are shown in the following table.

Chemistry, Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, Biology, MicrobiologyBasic Principles of Food Engineering, Process Engineering, Drying Technology, Bioprocess EnigeeringTechnology of Foods of Plant and Animal Origin, Pharmaceutical Technology, Biotechnology, Product DevelopmentBusiness Management Functions, Quality Management, Food Law, Industrial Plants and Facility Management

In the first semesters, you initially acquire the necessary basic knowledge in compulsory modules. In the subsequent semesters, you build on that knowledge. An extensive range of compulsory elective modules allows you to decide on the individual focus of your studies. In the seventh semester, you enter the practical period of your studies and complete your Bachelor’s thesis.

Pharmaceutical Technology is a special feature of Food Technology at Fulda and extends the future fields in which our graduates can work.

Detailed information on the programme content and structure is available in the overview of modules and the module handbook.

A semester abroad or placement abroad can be integrated into the study programme, particularly in the second half. We offer support in this area with scholarship programmes (e.g. Erasmus) and the Food Technology PLUS version of the degree programme. 

Career opportnunities

A Bachelor of Science in Food Technology qualifies graduates to

  • enter various professional fields in the food industry but also in the cosmetic and pharmaceuticals industry.
  • go on to take a consecutive Master's degree programme at Fulda University of Applied Sciences and other universities of applied sciences or universities in Germany and abroad.

The main professional field for our graduates is food production. It covers a wide range of activities and responsibilities, from raw material selection to quality assurance of end products.

Our graduates chiefly work in the following areas:

  • Production planning and management
  • Quality assurance and management
  • Product development
  • Process development
  • Plant planning
  • Technical sales and distribution

Bachelor of Food Technology PLUS

The Bachelor of Food Technology PLUS is a variation on our Bachelor of Food Technology. The eight-semester Bachelor’s programme (240 ECTS credit points) incorporates a year abroad. More information here.