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What does it cover?

The Bachelor of Food Technology Plus is a variation on our Bachelor of Food Technology. The eight-semester Bachelor’s programme (240 ECTS credit points) incorporates a year abroad.

Your profile

  • You are interested in different cultures.
  • You would like to combine study of your subject with languages.
  • You want to gain experience of living abroad.
  • You would like to work in the international labour market after your degree.

Your background

  • You are a student on our Food Technology programme.
  • You have a good standard of English (English B2-level certificate).
  • You have at least 80 ECTS credit points after the third semester of study.
  • Your average grade is 2.5 or above.

We support you.

We prepare you for your year abroad with information events, advisory services and specially adapted course content.

Cooperation agreements with international partner universities specifically for this programme ensure the quality of your education during your year abroad. 

Programme content and structure

The programme has a modular structure and a standard duration of studies of eight semesters (240 ECTS credit points). You spend the sixth and seventh semester or the seventh and eighth semester at one of our partner universities abroad.

The programme content is comparable to that of the Bachelor of Food Technology. You spend the first five semesters at Fulda University of Applied Sciences; from the fifth semester, the Food Technology PLUS programme differs from that of Food Technology.

In the fifth semester you must earn 35 ECTS credit points; certain modules in this semester, including

- Intercultural Skills (LT513) and 

- Foreign Language (LT514), 

are compulsory to prepare you specifically for your year abroad.

A Learning Agreement is issued before you begin your year abroad. 

Studying at the partner universities

There are three possible ways of studying for the Bachelor of Food Technology PLUS, depending on the partner university.

Partner univeristyCountryVersion
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences Helsinki Finnland A, B, C
Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) IrlandA
University of Lleida SpanienA, C
Tomas Bata University in Zlín TschechienA, B, C
Corvinus University of Budapest Ungarn B, C

Version A

  • Sixth semester at Fulda University of Applied Sciences (30 ECTS credit points)
  • Seventh and eighth semester at the partner university (55 ECTS credit points in total)
  • Seventh semester: study semester (25 ECTS credit points)
  • Eighth semester: practical period and final module (30 ECTS points) 

Version B

  • Sixth and seventh semester at the partner university (55 ECTS credit points in total)
  • Sixth semester: study semester (25 ECTS credit points)
  • Seventh semester: practical period and final module (30 ECTS points)
  • Eighth semester at Fulda University of Applied Sciences (30 ECTS credit points) 

Version C

  • Sixth and seventh semester (study semester) at the partner university (55 ECTS credit points in total)
  • Elective modules 45 ECTS credit points, equivalent modules to modules LT601 & LT602 (5 ECTS credit points each)
  • Eighth semester (practical period and final module) at Fulda University of Applied Sciences (30 ECTS credit points)

Career opportnunities

Final qualification: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

The special form of this study programme is indicated on the final degree certificate.

The professional fields in which our graduates work are comparable to those of our Food Technology graduates.

With the additional knowledge, language and intercultural skills gained abroad, and their contribution to individual personal development in terms of working in a team and crisis management, graduates are well-equipped to work in organisations as part of an international team. This can prove to be a major competitive advantage on the labour market.


The first step is to apply for our Bachelor of Food Technology programme.

You then apply for the Bachelor of Food Technology PLUS after the third semester (by 31 March) by submitting the following documents:

  • Curriculum vitae in table format (around 1 page)
  • Personal statement (in the language of instruction of the partner university, generally English) (around 1 page) 
  • Current transcript of records (evidence of at least 80 ECTS credit points) 
  • Evidence of language proficiency in the language of instruction (minimum B2 level), if already available.  

A 30-minute selection interview (partly in English) is held to assess the following:

  • Subject knowledge
  • Language proficiency (English)
  • Personal suitability and motivation to take this form of the study programme
  • Knowledge of the culture of the host country

Your full application should be submitted during the office hours of Frau Katrin Ehlert in Building 33 Room 209.



  • Degree: Bachelor of Science
  • Mode of study: campus-based programme
  • Language: German
  • Standard duration of studies: 8 semesters
  • Start: winter semester
  • Application deadline:  30.09.2023