Universities of Applied Sciences are actively taking part in ongoing internationalisation trends. Students need to be prepared for international working environments. Lecturers are increasingly required to give their teaching an international outlook. Applied research needs networks with universities and practitioners from Germany and other countries.

In order to push forward the internationalisation of Fulda UAS, the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, represented by Professor Holst and Professor Michelsen, successfully applied for a grant made available by the DAAD programme UAS.International. This provided Fulda University with an additional funding of almost €500,000 to be spent for internationalisation projects between October 2019 and September 2021.

The aim of the project is to explore and initiate suitable university and practice partnerships in Germany and worldwide. To this end, the project organisers are planning a range of activities designed to raise and highlight the international profile of Fulda University of Applied Sciences. The starting point of the project is the Bachelor’s degree programme International Health Sciences, which sees Fulda University offering one of the first undergraduate programmes in Germany which prepares students for professionally dealing with the health challenges present in today’s globalised world.
Beyond this international study programme, the DAAD-funded project at Fulda University pursues the objective to expand cross-border activities and international collaboration of other study programmes, thereby contributing to the internationalisation of the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences

“The support provided to Fulda University, in particular to the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, through DAAD’s special programme for universities of applied sciences is a recognition of our internationalisation efforts over recent years", says the University’s President Karim Khakzar. “The strong practical and application-based orientation of German universities of applied sciences is considered exemplary abroad, and now serves as a benchmark for universities in many countries.”

Latest info

  • Inter-university teaching in Germany, Canada and Romania
  • Instagram-Takeover of HAWFulda.International-Scholarship holders in Seoul, South Korea
  • Nine students receive Fulda.International scholarships for their period abroad during the winter term 2020/21
  • "Global health is more than emergency defence and quarantine" - a commentary by Prof. Dr. Dr. Holst
  • "El mundo no está atacando la pandemia de la manera adecuada" - an interview on "France24" with Prof. Dr. Dr. Holst
  • The Department of Nursing and Health Sciences strengthens the internationalization of its study programmes within the project HAW.International

You can find more
information on the
UAS.International programme
on the website of the German Academic
Exchange Service
(Deutscher Akademischer
Austauschdienst, DAAD)

The practice-oriented teaching and the simultaneous close collaboration with partners in the health sector and
international cooperation is considered as a model of innovation in terms of internationalisation; at the same
time, the combination of theory and practice, a characteristic feature of universities of applied sciences, offers
great potential for the University’s international positioning and recognition. The aim is to facilitate academic
achievements to be spread and acknowledged across different countries, expand mobility windows, tailor
schedules and teaching material to the requirements of closer international cooperation, and improve students’
possibilities and willingness to studying abroad.


  • Exploration and initiation of collaboration with universities abroad
  • Setting up contacts with internship partners in Germany and abroad
  • Delegation trips to (potential) partners
  • Internationalisation@Home through visiting lecturers at Fulda University
  • International Week bringing together all partners in summer 2021
  • Joint development of curricula
  • Sponsoring/funding for students and teaching staff

Project team