Rock it Together

Studying abroad brings a lot of wonderful experiences and moments! But unfortunately, it does not always go as smoothly as we wish and small or larger stumbling blocks lie on the path to successful university graduation. This can be homesickness for friends and family, the feeling of being alone, difficulties in dealing with cultural differences in everyday life and studies, disappointment because expectations of the study time in Germany are not met, feeling inadequately prepared for studies or the challenge of understanding and acquiring study content and the university system, language problems, money worries or even problems with administrative processes.

Since the struggles of the international students are similar, Mrs. Gretje Wittmann, course coordinator of the study program International Health Sciences, and myself Pika, student assistant and international student, decided to create a space for us:

    - to get to know each other
    - to share and discuss our experiences, problems and worries
    - to try to find solutions together and
    - to support each other.

Having such a supportive community can be extremely helpful to clear the stones out of the way and to successfully master the studies. And for that reason, I decided to name it “Rock it together”.

The main idea is to meet monthly. Every event is going to have different content, for example, presentations about different existing support programs that are offered at our department and university, social events, excursions and there will always be enough time to talk to each other freely. This network is supposed to benefit us all, so you are more than welcome to give your suggestions or express your needs.

We look forward to seeing you and having you as part of our international community!


Gretje Wittmann

Gretje Wittmann

Study Degree Programme Coordinator International Health Sciences (B.Sc.), Project worker TeachImPuls - Didactics Workshop

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