Research for Better Care

The Department of Health Sciences is committed to conducting applied research with the aim of providing new insights into health promotion, patient-oriented health care, and the academic development of health professions other than the medical profession, and to make these insights available to practitioners in the field.
Research at the department is conducted in third-party funded research projects, in study projects as part of Bachelor's and Master's study programmes, by assigning research-oriented thesis topics of practical relevance, by collaborating with academic teaching facilities and with internship partners of the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences, both in Germany and abroad. Results are published in the department's own series, pg-papers. The Department of Nursing and Health Sciences is an active member of HessIP, the Hessian Institute of Nursing Research, founded in 2001 as a joint research institute by the three Hessian universities of applied sciences offering nursing programmes. Researchers at the department are also actively involved in gFFZ, the Centre of Gender and Women's Studies of the Hessian universities.
In December 2009, the department initiated, in collaboration with the Department of Nutritional, Food, and Consumer Sciences, a research and development project titled Gesundheitsfördernde Hochschule Fulda (Fulda University as a Health Promoting University), which was supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Consumer Protection. The project is guided by opportunities for implementing models of good practice and uses a setting-based approach, i.e., it involves all stakeholder groups at the university and considers all health relevant aspects at different levels of action.