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Social developments and political decisions have a decisive impact on how health opportunities are distributed within and between countries, what access people have to affordable and effective health care, and how health professionals work together.

Our aim is to contribute to improving the health of the population through practical research and scientific training - particularly in regard to the prevention, care and design of care structures. This includes addressing health-related issues with respect to health equity, efficiency and effectiveness, stakeholder and worker participation, sustainability and social responsibility. The academisation of the health professions is one of the guiding principles of our department.

The Department of Health Sciences is right for you…

  • If you want to know how the health of the population can be improved, and contribute to these changes
  • If you wish to promote health and contribute to better care for pregnant women, the sick and those in need of care
  • If you would like to shape health care structures and institutions
  • If you want to receive an education that is both scientifically sound and practice-oriented, so that you know what works and what does not

Our department offers a range of degree programmes in various health-related fields at both Bachelor's and Master's level. At Bachelor's level, we offer degree programmes in: Health Promotion, Health Economics and Policy, Midwifery, Nursing, Health Management and Physiotherapy. In addition, the department offers an internationally oriented and bilingual Bachelor's level programme in International Health Sciences, as well as an undergraduate programme in Health Technology which is run in collaboration with the Department of Applied Computer Science. An undergraduate degree Vocational Education in Health is also offered in cooperation with the University of Kassel.
At Master's level, the university offers degree programmes in Public Health and Interprofessional Management in Health Care. Other postgraduate courses include Public Health Nutrition run in conjunction with the university' s Department of Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences, as well as a degree programme in Vocational Health Education which is offered in cooperation with the University of Kassel.
At doctorate level, the department offers you the opportunity to do a Doctorate in Public Health (Dr.P.H.). With the granting of the independent right to award a doctorate to a university of applied sciences, the state of Hesse has recognised Fulda University of Applied Sciences' special research strength in public health.


Undergraduate programmes

Graduate programmes