"IntTIME"[ɪntaɪm] is a unique and firmly established offer at the Department of Health Sciences. We organise the support for int-ernationals and students with a migration background, the student T-utorials, the I-mplementation of the offers at the department, the M-entoring programme for first-semester students and the E-valuation of these offers.

Not only students from abroad study at our department, but also many students with a migration background. Some of these students have difficulties with the organisation of their studies, with adequately dealing with the subject matter in the short time available, or have language deficits. The programme for international students exists to support these students on their way to successfully completing their studies. In this programme, supervision is organised in small groups and learning content is worked through intensively. The supervision is provided by students and lasts one to two semesters at the most.

Our department's endeavour is to integrate both international students and students with a migration background in the best possible way. The main goal is to facilitate access to language, culture and social links. Therefore, IntTIME provides an intensive support in small groups for one or two semesters. We offer assistance in organising your studies, learning processes and understanding the module contents. This assistance is provided by students.

Tutorials are designed to promote a different kind of learning. Students support students in their learning, whereby the tutors do not fulfil the function of teachers. Rather, the aim is to work through the content together and clarify questions. So if you have problems following the material during the seminar or if you also lack the time to work on it sufficiently and don't know how to pass the exam - don't panic! IntTIME organises tutorials for you for exactly these reasons, so that you can enter the exam with confidence.

When you notify us of your need for a tutorial, we first clarify this need with the responsible lecturers. Then, together with them, we look for suitable tutors or put up notices. As soon as suitable tutors have been found, we organise the tutorial and provide the tutors with advice and support. At the end of each tutorial, it is evaluated.

Process: Determine the need in your cohort (i.e. how many students have problems? What exactly are the problems?). Then send us an email with this information and we will do our best!

We take over the organisation and coordination of all IntTIME offers. We look for the appropriate people for this and also train them. The team currently consists of four student employees for the coordination and the student and academic assistants within the framework of the individual offers under the direction of the Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. Margit Christiansen. There is also close cooperation with the study programme coordinators and practice coordinators.

The mentoring programme of the Department of Health Sciences is a support programme for first-semester students by experienced students from higher semesters. It is designed to make it easier for students to start their studies and to give them an insight into the structures of the department and the university. The mentors support the first-year students in their everyday studies, provide orientation and are available as contact persons for all questions.

During the first semester, the first-year students receive all important information about the Moodle learning platform, exam registration, etc. from their mentors.

In order to guarantee the quality of our offers and to achieve constant improvement, targeted evaluations are carried out, for example, by means of evaluation questionnaires for tutorials or evaluation workshops for the mentoring programme. We also conduct feedback rounds with the mentors and tutors in order to determine the needs of the students as precisely as possible.


Rabea Bayer

5th semester Health Economics and Health Policy

Julia Kuhnert

7th semester Physiotherapy

Marie Jung

7th semester International Health Sciences

Jule Hellwig

4th semester International Health Sciences

How to contact us

Via e-mail: inttime@gw.hs-fulda.de

Via Moodle: Moodle course

In person: By appointment