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The Department of Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences at the Fulda University of Applied Sciences has a long-standing tradition in interdisciplinary programmes and research. The department is acclaimed for its strong links to the food industry and its emphasis on applied research in the fields of food, nutrition and health.

Master students can profit from the high-quality facilities, which provide excellent opportunities for learning, project work and research. The department also offers practical career advice and support so that graduates use the knowledge and skills they acquire at Fulda. In addition, the university offers a Career Service especially for international graduates.

The university offers further accredited Master courses in English such as the postgraduate programme Intercultural Communication and European Studies (ICEUS) and International Business. Students can benefit from a wide range of language courses and a Summer University.

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Campus Fulda

Programme director - Campus Fulda

Prof. Dr. habil.

Marc Birringer

Angewandte Biochemie für Ernährung und Umwelt

Building 40 , Room 009
Prof. Dr. habil.Marc Birringer+49 661 9640-385
Consultation hours
Dienstag 10.00 – 11.00 Uhr

Programme coordinator - Campus Fulda

Helga Keil


Building 40 , Room 101
Helga Keil+49 661 9640-356
Consultation hours
nach Vereinbarung per Telefon oder Mail