Auer Anton, Prof. Dr.Information systems for the food industry*Fulda
Birringer Marc, Prof. Dr.Recent Developments*Fulda
Brandenburger SonjaRecent DevelopmentsFulda
Hamm Ulrich, Prof. Dr. Marketing Research*, Research Methods*Witzenhausen
Janssen, Johann, Prof. Dr. Food Quality Management*, International Legislation*Fulda
Hampshire Jörg, Prof. Dr.Food Product Development*Fulda
Hensel Oliver, Prof. Dr.Post-harvest technology*Witzenhausen
Herzig Christian, Prof. Dr.Strategic Management*, Responsible and sustainable food business*, Management and management accounting*Witzenhausen
Heß Jürgen, Prof. Dr. Principles of Organic Farming*Witzenhausen
Krikser Thomas, Dr.Research MethodsWitzenhausen
Küster Christine, Prof. Dr.Nutritional and consumer behaviour*, Consumer science*Fulda
Lücke Friedrich-Karl, Prof. Dr. Recent DevelopmentsFulda
Page LouisaFood Product Development, Innovative Product DevelopmentFulda
Pichner Rohtraud, Prof. Dr. Recent DevelopmentsFulda
Ploeger Angelika, Prof. Dr.Nutritional and consumer behaviour, Quality management and certification*, Innovative Product Development*Witzenhausen
Quadt Alexander, Dr.Food Product DevelopmentFulda
Reinhard Hans-Joachim, Prof. Dr.International LegislationFulda
Ruppenthal Tonia, Prof. Dr.Innovation Management*Fulda
Schäufele IsabelMarketing ResearchWitzenhausen
Stör JohannaStrategic ManagementWitzenhausen
Thiel Andreas, Prof. Dr.Institutions and the
Food System*

* = Lecturer is the coordinator of the module