IFBC Induction and Orientation programme

A very warm welcome to our new IFBC students joining Kassel University and Fulda University of Applied Sciences in 2017. You have made it through the applicant journey and we are delighted you are taking up your studies with us in Witzenhausen and Fulda. We take great care to help you settle into your new way of life in Witzenhausen and Fulda by organising a range of induction and orientation activities.

The induction and orientation programme at Witzenhausen and Fulda consists of a range of academic events and other important enrolment tasks. With three field trips with focus on »farm«, »food«, and »consumer« we introduce you to the challenges of the food value chain - one of the core subjects of the IFBC programme and organize three visits with focus on "farm to fork" in the first academic week.

Status: September 8, 2017 - subject to changes

Campus Witzenhausen - Intro to IT, Tue Oct 10, or Fri Oct 13, 2017

14.30Tuesday, Oct 10 2017
Introduction to IT-System, e-learning platform of Campus Witzenhausen, Oliver Jungwirth


Friday, Oct 13, 2017

Introduction to IT-System, e-learning platform of Campus Witzenhausen, Oliver Jungwirth
Nordbahnhofstr. Kleine Aula

+++Please register for one session only via e-mail: tutor.int@uni-kassel.de

Campus Witzenhausen - Welcome, Mon Oct 16, 2017

9.30Welcome address, Faculty Prof. Dr. Gunter Backes - Dean of Faculty Organic Agricultural Sciences

Introduction Ute Gilles, MSc (International Study Affairs), Student Tutors, student groups ASV, FSR, KHG, ESG, Ms Range
Steinstr. 19 Zeichensaal
Coffee Break
10.15Welcome Address Prof. Dr. Christian Herzig - IFBC Programme Director Kassel-Witzenhausen

Introduction to Study Portfolio and Practical Guide, Ute Gilles, MSc - International Study Affairs - 
Steinstr. 19 Zeichensaal
12.00LunchMensa, Steinstraße
14.00City RallyeSteinstraße
18.00Reception by the Mayor of Witzenhausen Town Hall

Campus Fulda - Welcome, Tue Oct 17, 2017

Pick-up at train station Fulda by Paula Kuchheuser (student tutor)
9.30Welcome Address at Campus Fulda
Prof. Dr. Jana Rückert-John - Dean of Department
Prof. Dr. Marc Birringer
Helga Keil, MA - IFBC Programme Coordinator Fulda University
Campus Fulda,
Leipziger Str. 123

building 40, room 105
9.45Meet & Greet with lecturers and staff members of the Departmentof Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciencesbuilding 40, room 105
11.00 Registration and enrolment at Campus Fulda
(allowing some time to initialize the „student card”)
Student Service Center
11.30 Lunch break Mensa
12.30 +++alternating groups+++
Introduction to IT Services and e-learning platform Fulda (moodle)
Helga Keil
building 40, room 006
Introduction to the lab facilities at Campus Fulda Interaction and usability lab / Sensory Science and Consumer Research Lab: Sensory Evaluation and Eye tracking
Claudia Huth and Dominik Rupprecht
building 46, room 334 and 234
14.00Campus Walk to be continued to the City and the baroque city center of Fulda
Helga Keil and Claire Holch
15.00Chill out at Café Ideal Fulda 

Field trip - focus FARM, Wed Oct 18, 2017

8.00 am departure by bus Witzenhausen at the bus stop Mündener Str
Visit of Farm Domäne Frankenhausen, focus organic agriculture
accompanied by Prof. Dr. Pit von Fragstein

Lunch break at the farm
13.00 return by bus to Witzenhausen 

Field trip - focus FOOD, Thu Oct 19, 2017

7.30 departure Witzenhausen by chartered bus at the bus stop Mündener Str
11.00 Visit of Doehler Group, Darmstadt
- a global producer, marketer and provider of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Focus of our visit will be on product management and sustainabilty management 

afternoon return by bus to Witzenhausen

Field trip - focus CONSUMER, Fri Oct 20, 2017


+++update departure time 28.09.2017+++
departure Witzenhausen by bus

at the bus stop Mündener Str
11.30Visit of the "Maggi Kochstudio Store"Römer, Frankfurt
12.30Visit of the Nestlé Competence Center, Neslé AG including the interactive presentation on "Behind the scenes of Nestlé AG - Nutrition and Consumer perception today and in 2030"
NCC (Nestlé Haus), Lyoner Strasse, Frankfurt
14.30 summary, learning outcome, and final discussion regarding the food value chain with Prof. Dr. Rohtraud Pichner and Prof. Dr. Angelika Ploeger 
15.00 return trip to Witzenhausen - estimated arrival time in Witzenhausen about 18.30

Campus Fulda, Intro Library - Mon Oct 23, 2017

17.10 - 18.10

Introduction to the library system at Campus Fulda (2 parallel groups)

library Campus Fulda

Campus Witzenhausen - Intro Library, Tue Oct 24, or Thu Oct 26, 2017

12.00 - 14.00

Tuesday, Oct 24, 2017
Introduction to the library system at Campus Witzenhausen, Martina Zunker


Thursday, Oct 26, 2017

Introduction to the library system at Campus Witzenhausen, Martina Zunker
library, Nordbahnhofstraße 1a Witzenhausen

+++Please register for one session only via e-mail: tutor.int@uni-kassel.de

... and more things to do!

Monday, Oct 9, 2017, Campus Witzenhausen
16.00 Guided tour at Schinkels Brewery and afterwards Witzenhausen
18.00 Get-together at Schinkels Brauhaus
registration necessary via tutor-int@uni-kassel.de
Monday, Oct 14, 2017, Campus Kassel
9.00 - 12.30 Welcome Breakfast for international students of the International Services - Welcome Centre, University of Kassel
register here till Oct 1, 2017
Saturday, Oct 21, 2017, Campus Witzenhausen
19.00 "Meet & Greet" meeting with senior students (bring and share dinner) Witzenhausen, Zeichensaal, Steinstraße

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Ute Gilles

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Helga Keil


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