[Translate to englisch:] Das 9-Euro-Ticket für den öffentlichen Nahverkehr sollen auch Studierende nutzen können.

Foto: Hochschule Fulda

Between June and August 2022 students can use their semester tickets for local and regional public transportation all over Germany as well as receive a reimbursement for their semester ticket´s share of the semester contribution.

The dismissal package launched by the German government including the 9-€-ticket for local and regional public transportation, valid from June 1st until Aughust 31st, 2022 also brings retrospective benefits for students, who have already paid for their semester ticket.

Due to the partial refund of the semester ticket, every student of Fulda University who has the RMV ticket is entitled to a refund of €37.49 this semester.

Please also note that your semester ticket is not only valid throughout Hesse in the months from June to August, but can also be used throughout Germany within these 3 months.

To ensure that the payment can be made as quickly as possible, please use the online form at the bottom of the Student Administrations´s website (under "Rückerstattung wg. 9€ Ticket")

The Student Administration will then take care of a timely reimbursement.