Strategic partnership between Fulda University and German-Jordanian University

Strategic partnership

Fulda University´s president Prof. Dr. Karim Khakzar (left), Vice President for International Affairs of the GJU, Prof. Dr. Ralf Roßkopf,(right), and Head of Fulda University´s International Office, Julia-Sophie Rothmann (centre), at the signing of the agreement
Photo: Fulda University

Fulda University´s President, Prof. Dr. Karim Khakzar, and the Vice President for International Affairs of the GJU, Prof. Dr. Ralf Roßkopf, signed a strategic partnership.

There has been a cooperation agreement between the Fulda University and the GJU since 2007. With the signing of this agreement, both partners confirm their intention to further develop the 15-year intensive cooperation at different levels. The spectrum of activities ranges from the exchange of students, teachers and university staff to joint research projects and the development of degree programmes as well as cooperation at university management level.

The cooperation between the two universities is now being expanded into a strategic partnership. “This new quality of cooperation is another important step within the internationalization strategy of Fulda University of Applied Sciences and serves to raise the profile of its partner network. In addition, we hope that the already diverse activities between our universities will become more visible and that the close cooperation between our universities will generate synergy effects,” says Prof. Khakzar.
Prof. Roßkopf (GJU) adds that “amongst our 120 partner universities, Fulda University is number three in terms of receiving GJU students. So it was very clear that Fulda University of Applied Sciences should become one of our five strategic partners.”

There is already close cooperation, especially with the departments of Applied Computer Science, Social and Cultural Sciences as well as Business; the Vice President, Prof. Roßkopf, also met with representatives from the Departments of Health Sciences, Social Work and Electrical Engineering and Information Technology to talk about further development opportunities.

This visit and the signing of the agreement is the culmination of a series of visits by professors and administrative staff (e.g. funded by Erasmus+) from both universities this summer semester.
For example, academic and administrative staff attended GJU’s German Week or conducted a job-shadowing; two deans (research and entrepreneurship respectively) and a professor of Electrical Engineering visited Fulda University - and this week two colleagues from GJU are doing an Erasmus Staff Training at Fulda University in the International Office, the Presidential Office and the Human Resources Department respectively.

Now it's a good momentum to fill the strategic partnership with further life and structure. A next milestone will be a delegation visit from Fulda University to GJU in September, led by the President of Fulda University.