Solidarity with Ukraine

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Numerous organisations including Fulda University have strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For those looking for help and others wanting to help, here you can find useful information.

In their press releases the German Rector´s Conference as well as the German Academic Exchange Service have strongly condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Fulda University of Applied Sciences is also deeply distressed. Fulda University advocates for peace, a free democratic basic order as well as a united Europe. We are very concerned about the lives and the well-being of the Ukrainian people, especially the students and members of the scientific community.

The press release of the German Rector´s Conference

The press release of the German Academic Exchange Service

On the following you find an overview of offers by the state of Hesse as well as Fulda University of Applied Sciences to support Ukrainian refugees and those, who wish to help them.

Hesse helps Ukraine
Upon the Russian invasion in Ukraine, the state of Hesse has established a number of humanitarian help measures for Ukrainians. On this website people who have directly and indirectly been affected by the war can find useful information and contacts: (in German only)

Support by Fulda City and County 
For questions regarding registration, health insurance, residence permit, etc. please turn directly to the contact point “Ukraine”:  (cover page in German only, later Ukrainian is available) 

Support by Fulda University’s International Office for (prospective) students 
Fulda University´s preparatory programme“Pre-Study Fulda” is now open and free-of-charge for Ukrainian refugees, who seek to start or continue their higher education in Germany. - Or: Offers of study places as a freemover

The German Academic Exchange Service in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research have decided that all preparatory programmes at German higher education institutions funded by the Integra programme are now open to Ukrainian refugees. 

The same applies with reservations to people from third countries or stateless persons who have been living legally in Ukraine and for whom it is not possible to return to their home countries. A case-by-case examination and decision is carried out here.
Your contact persons: 

For prospective students with refugee background: Christina Pitz: 

For international students, already enrolled at Fulda University: Gesa Pusch-Thomas: 

General information page of the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD

Students at Risk - Hilde Domin Programm
The “Hilde Domin Programme” administered by the German Academic Exchange Service serves to support students and doctoral candidates from across the globe, who are at risk of being formally or de facto denied educational or other rights in their country of origin, and to provide these students and doctoral candidates with an opportunity to begin or complete a study or research degree at a higher education institution in Germany. Students and doctoral candidates nominated and accepted under the programme will be enrolled in degree courses of any personal subject choice and according to individual qualifications and receive a scholarship sufficient to cover the necessary costs incurred in the course of their study resp. research stay.

Терміново: необхідні перекладачі для допомоги біженцям з України
Urgent: Ukrainian-speaking interpreters needed

The World University Service (WUS) in Hesse is currently looking for Ukrainian-speaking students, who were willing to help with interpreting in local and regional refugee shelters and camps. All those interested please sign up by using this registration form.