Everything you need to know about our Bachelor’s programme in E-Health.


Health Economics and Health Policy

All political negotiation processes must be based on arguments founded in facts. To this end, experts are needed who are able to understand and interpret all relevant economic, political, and legal contexts and relationships.


International Health Sciences

Health risks are not confined to individual countries, and health chances are not always fairly distributed within a single country and between countries. Obtain the training required to help address these international and global health challenges.

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Learn more about the complex and diverse task of nursing people of all ages.

“Nursing is the fine art of acting professionally on behalf of those needing our care.” (Antje Lubig, student of nursing, Semester 6)



Physiotherapists are specialists in physical motion and movement. They have an extensive repertoire of techniques and methods and apply their expertise in a highly targeted manner.


Health Care Management

Completing the health management study programme will provide you with the skills required for designing, implementing, and evaluating management tasks in the health system in a systematic and academically sound manner.


Health Promotion

This study programme will enable you to recognise and justify the need for health promotion, and you will learn how to develop, assess, and improve health promotion activities.

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Midwives are specialised in caring for women and families when it comes to family planning, pregnancy, giving birth, breastfeeding, and the first year of a baby's life.

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Nursing Management

In addition to your existing nursing expertise, the study programme in nursing management will provide you with leadership skills, preparing you for executive and management positions in nursing and other health care institutions.


Vocational Education in Health

Becoming a teacher for the primary subject of health at vocational schools, vocational colleges, specialised upper secondary schools, specialised grammar schools, or at vocational schools specialising in health system professions.