Our Programme IHS gives us an international view on the different aspects of Health as well as the challenges on national and global levels. International students have a specific curriculum where they can have the chance to learn and enhance their German along with the main modules. Thus, the programme makes it easier for international students to integrate in the course without language obstacles. Not only the Programme, but even the university and the international office offer for the international students an orientation week which encompasses the needed infos to live in Germany which was so helpful as a student coming from a total different society and culture. Besides that, the international office organizes different activities to integrate us in the new culture and adapt to the lifestyle without remarkable hardships.

Kolahta Asres Ioab – Student from Eritrea in the Bachelor’s degree programme International Health Sciences

My experience at Fulda University of Applied Sciences has been very positive so far! I belong to the first cohort studying the International Health Sciences degree, one of the many interesting programs offered by the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences. So far I feel I have gained many new insights into what we mean by ”health”, and I am looking forward to the remainder of the program, including both the semester abroad and an internship semester. Practical elements such as these, together with an interactive learning environment during lectures and seminars, help students to develop a curious and questioning mind during their degree.

Although I am enrolled as an international student, and I feel myself to be one, as I am half German I have found it an interesting experience to be perceived as either “international” or “German” depending on the occasion. Moving to a new country, with a different mentality and way of life can be challenging as you often feel “misunderstood” or cannot directly fit into the cultural nuances or understand the social context of the people around you – however I am glad to have found Fulda University as it has a huge melting pot of people, languages, cultures, and perspectives. I cannot say I have had as many challenges regarding the practicalities of moving to a new country as other international students may have experienced, as being able to speak German from the start allowed me navigate my way through the complexities of the German bureaucracy. In saying this, the application process as an international student was extremely lengthy and difficult in my case, and had it not been for the amazing people working at Fulda University, from both the International Office and other departments, I would probably not be where I am today. They helped me with this process above and beyond what they were required to.

On arrival international students are supported and given help if they require it, and offered the opportunity to participate in many activities including sports, cultural events, language courses, city tours and workshops. From the first moment you are made to feel welcome, and this supportive environment makes Fulda University the perfect place for international students to study!

Saskia Jaenecke - Student from New Zealand in the Bachelor’s degree programme International Health Sciences