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What is it all about?

The dual study programme is the first possibility to achieve an academic degree for Dietitians in Germany. Dietitians are the experts of clinical nutrition, diet therapy and nutrition counselling. They can help people to understand the relationship between nutrition and disease and have a special role in the management and treatment of diseases e.g. diabetes, cancer, gastrointestinal diseases, malnutrition, food allergies and intolerances.

Traditionally Dietitians in Germany work after a three years' education and training at special vocational training schools followed by a successful completed state examination. The dual study programme offers a qualification comparable to the requirements abroad by combining vocational education and training with undergraduate studies in Dietetics.

This generates new opportunities for research and development in Dietetics. As a graduate, you will be an expert in dietetic therapy and nutritional counselling and you will have the ability to develop, implement, and evaluate strategies and concepts on Dietetic issues.

Why choose this programme?

If you

  • have a (special) higher education entrance qualification,
  • are interested in nutrition and diet therapy,  
  • like cooking and food
  • like to work with patients
  • would prefer to combine an undergraduate studies with vocational education and practical training,
  • are good in speaking, writing and comprehending the German language,

then this might be the right study programme for you.

How is the programme structured?

For the dual study programme Dietetics the Department of Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences at Fulda University of Applied Sciences collaborates with five special vocational training schools. The duration of the study programme is nine semester.

During the first six semester you complete the vocational training as a Dietitian at the partner school with the state examination in the end and study only one module per semester at University of Applied Sciences in Fulda. The following three semester is a full-time study at University of Applied Sciences in Fulda.
Instruction, applied sciences and research are closely connected in the curriculum. The different modules in Dietetics build on one another. You apply theoretical principles and research methods in case studies taken from clinical practice. You work in project groups on general issues in Dietetics linking them to professional practice. Your studies provide you with the necessary scientific knowledge and methods to work in the field of Dietetics.

After graduation

After finishing the undergraduate studies in Dietetics you can

  • provide diet therapy and nutritional counselling for individuals or groups independently
  • apply your acquired scientific expertise in Dietetics in practice
  • develop, implement, and evaluate strategies and concepts on Dietetic issues.

Potential employers are hospitals and clinics, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, health insurance providers, research establishments, and manufacturers of dietary foods. On graduation, you can also choose to pursue the option of enrolling on a master's degree programme.

At a glance

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science
  • Type of programme: dual degree
  • Standard duration: 9 semesters
  • Start of study programme: Winter semester
  • Language: German
  • Application deadline: from 1st May