Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

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What is it all about?

How can you ensure the quality and safety of food products? How can I successfully advise individuals on a balanced diet? How can I create sustainable products and services? If you are looking for answers to these questions the programme Nutritional, Food and Consumer Sciences is the right choice for you. As future experts at the interfaces of different disciplines you acquire knowledge in the areas of nutrition, health, food and society. You are enabled to contextualize this expertise scientifically. While doing so the focus is clearly set on people and their wellbeing.

The Department team provides practice-orientated training and research through up-to-date, project-based, accredited degree programmes and prepares you fully for a career in tomorrow's professional world. The programme is the only one in Germany which incorporates project-based learning in the first part of the degree programme - and has been doing so successfully for more than 35 years.

Already in the first year, you start to work and learn in groups to carry out study projects. This allows you to acquire valuable 'soft skills' over three semesters, such as the application of theory in practice, the development of team skills, and the further enhancement of organisational and communication skills. This experience gives you a crucial advantage in your future career. Using an interdisciplinary approach, you are encouraged to develop the ability to think and act across disciplines and to be open to life-long learning.

Why choose this programme?

If you are equally interested in various areas of science and in aspects of social science as well as in economics and business administration and also enjoy taking on new and original tasks, this programme is the right choice.

The degree programme is varied and enables you to adopt a multifaceted approach to problem-solving. If you are interested in the degree programme, you should have the ability to think in an interconnected way in complex contexts and to acquire a broader view. A basic knowledge in chemistry and biology is an advantage, but these subjects are reviewed and developed further in the lectures and tutorials in the first semester.

If you have an inquiring mind and are interested in learning more about nutrition, health, and food in our society, then you already have what is required.

How is the programme structured?

The duration of the bachelor's degree programme is six semesters. The course of study is modular in structure. In the first three semesters, you acquire a solid  knowledge in science and technology, social sciences, and economics and business management. In the following three semesters, you expand your knowledge in these areas further and acquire and develop professionally relevant social and methodological skills in specialist seminars. In the fourth semester, you decide on one particular qualificationprofile and select one of four specialisations:

  • Nutrition and Health
  • Food Business and Quality Management
  • Sustainable Supply Systems
  • Education, Politics, Society

In the fifth semester, you do an internship. You then prepare your bachelor's thesis, which may be related to your internship.

After graduation

As a graduate you have the opportunity to pursue a career in a variety of fields within the field of nutrition, health, and food business. As a trained specialist you can exspect middle and senior management positions in health service organisations and companies as well as in the food industry and in public utilities. Alternatively, you can become an entrepreneuer.

The most important professional areas in brief:

  • Consultancy and training
  • Education, training, and continuing education
  • Marketing and public relations
  • Product development
  • Quality assessment and analysis
  • Quality management
  • Planning and organisation of processes

As a graduate with an internationally recognised degree (B.Sc.), you qualify for various postgraduate courses not only in Germany but also abroad.

Fulda University of Applied Sciences offers a number of attractive master's degree programmes such as:

International Food Business and Consumer Studies (M.Sc.) - a joint degree programme with Kassel University, Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences

Public Health Nutrition (M.Sc.) - a joint degree programme with the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences


At a glance

  • Degree: Bachelor of Science
  • Type of programme: On-campus
  • Standard duration: 6 semesters
  • Start of study programme: Winter semester
  • Language: German; for international students: German language skills at DSH 2 (German Language University Entrance Examination) on the day of enrolment at the latest.
  • Internship: 4 months
  • Application deadline: 15 July


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