Applied study approach from the beginning - a sucess story!

In project teams students will perform responsible, supervised work while they gain insights of the professionals fields of Food Business, Nutrition, Health, and Quality Management. Students solve problems using scientific methods and acquiring project-related knowledge in natural, economic and social sciences.

Through project work students enhance their learning by improving transferable skills. This refers to skills that increase the employability both for jobs in the nutrtional, health and food sector and across a wider range of industries.

Students acquire skill such as
Self-management - project work constitutes the first time students have had full responsibility for managing their own time and learn how to organise time effectively.
Teamwork - learn how to work effectively with others on group projects and presentations and learn to sturcture of meetings and managing groups
Written and verbal communication - learn how best to present their ideas in the form of essays, oral presentations, conference-style posters and reports
Problem-solving - acquire strong analytical skills to solve problems and undertake supervised research

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