Professional approach to social responsibility

The aim of our study programmes is to offer you academic, social and personal development opportunities, to promote your sense of responsibility for your future career, to encourage you to critically assess your role and your social environment and to prepare you for a well-reflected life in a complex world

Based on our understanding of responsibility for students, we attach importance to an intensive supervisory relationship and to the participation of students.
We regard our research activity to be a scientific means of shaping the development of society, which we want to strengthen in terms of democracy, civil society and sustainability. Simultaneously, we reflect upon the impact science has on society.

A professional approach to social responsibility also applies to cooperation between all groups in the Department: students, faculty and department staff. This cooperation is characterised by personal respect, tolerance, recognition of aca­demic and professional achievements and constructive, critical communication between all parties.


Prof. Dr.

Hans-Joachim Reinhard


Social Law and Private Law

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