Jean Monnet Chair

New Monograph: The European Central Bank between Financial Crisis and Populisms 

Corrado Macchiarelli, Mara Monti, Claudia Wiesner and Sebastian Diessner, Palgrave Macmillan 2020


New project: Jean Monnet Network „Debating Europe“

Beginning on sept 1st, 2020 the EU Commission has granted a Jean Monnet Network on the Topic of „Debating Europe“ to Prof. Dr. Claudia Wiesner as PI. The Grant has an amount of 300.000.- euros, complemented by a cofunding of 75.622,16.- euros that are funded by the participating universities.

The project unites researchers from six EU countries: germany, Denmark, Franke, Finland, Croatia and Slovenia. Participants are: Thomas Berger, Marcus Feßler (Institure inter.research e.V.); Prof. Dr. Cecile Robert (Sciences Po Lyon), Dr. Willy Beauvallet (Université de Lyon II), Prof. Dr. Igor Vidačak; Prof. Dr. Ana Matan, Prof. Dr. Tonči Kursar (University of Zagreb); Prof. Dr. Damjan Lajh; Prof. Dr.  Danica Fink Hafner; Prof. Dr. Meta Novak (University of Ljubljana); prof. Dr. Niilo Kauppi (Helsinki University); Dr. Laura Landorff (Aalborg University)

The Jean Monnet Network “Debating Europe” (DebatEU) uses debate as a methodology for

  1. spreading knowledge on the European Union (EU) to target groups previously not well informed
  2. gaining knowledge about citizens´ opinions
  3. integrating teaching and research activities
  4. enhancing exchange between citizens, students, academics and EU practitioners via conferences, events, a website, social media and various publications.

The primary aim is to open debate and get into a dialogue on the EU with citizens that are neither engaged in EU-oriented civil-society organisations, nor in political parties, in order to bridge the gap between the EU and its citizens. The core of the network consists in citizen focus group discussions that the network members will organise in their home countries – three focus group discussions per country and 18 altogether in three years, with minimum ten citizen participants. The country selection is particularly adequate for our task. We include network members from Croatia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, and Slovenia, and hence, we will reach citizens in Eastern, Northern, Central and Southern EU member states, founding member states and nearly all of the following enlargements rounds, small, medium and large member states. Accordingly, the network will enhance an open debate on the EU with around 200 citizens so far not engaged with the EU in six member states.

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