Jean Monnet Chair


The European Commission has granted Prof. Wiesner a Jean Monnet Chair. The Jean Monnet Chair project „Bridging the Gap between the EU and ist citizens“ runs from september 2019 to August 2019. In several discussion events, conferences and workshops, as well as in a teaching research project on citizen Focus Groups, Prof. Wiesner will research the reasons for the Gap between EU citizens and elites and the possibilities to remedy it.

The programme

In 2019, 1315 applications for Jean Monnet Activities were submitted. 285 have been sepected, the success quota being 22%. In Germany, four new Jean Monnet Chairs have been funded.


Prof. Dr.

Claudia Wiesner

Jean Monnet Chair

Politikwissenschaft mit Schwerpunkt Europäische Integration

Building 22 (P) , Room 201
Prof. Dr.Claudia Wiesner+49 661 9640-473
Consultation hours
Donnerstags 11.30 - 12.30 per WebEx nach Anmeldung per doodle: