Debating Europe

The Jean Monnet Network “Debating Europe” uses debate as a methodology for

  1. spreading knowledge on the European Union (EU);
  2. gaining knowledge about citizens’ opinions;
  3. enhancing exchange between citizens, students, academics and EU practitioners.

The process of debating enhances the legitimacy of the EU by regaining citizen’s trust in their ability to use political discussions to influence the policy-making process.

Praticing Transnational Politics (PATRAPO)

The Practising Transnational Politics develops open access transnational teaching kits and a handbook for online blended learning seminars that train students for the participation in MUNs facilitating and enhancing MUN in Europe. PATRAPO builds on a cooperation of three European Universities, Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Autonomous University Madrid, Zagreb University and a Canadian associate partner university. MacEwan University Edmonton.

Transnational governance and human rights (HAW international Förderprogramm)

The project promotes the internationalization and practical orientation in the department. It aims to improve international networking and the institutionalization of international cooperation in studies, research and practice. It ties in with previous international cooperations, infrastructure and study programs of the and expands these systematically, therby adressing students, doctoral candidates, employees and teachers. In addition, it establishes a Fulda Center for Transnational Governance.