The ad personam Jean Monnet Chair

In the interests of teaching and research activities in the field of European integration, the European Union awards ad personam chairs to university lecturers and senior lecturers. 

This title is linked to funding awarded over a period of several years, which supports the continued, in-depth teaching of European subjects. 

Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Platzer was appointed to the ad personam Jean Monnet Chair for political science at Fulda University's Department of Social and Cultural Sciences in May 2000. 

European Commission - Jean Monnet Project

Jean Monnet Chair and teaching research project

"Nothing is possible without men. 
But nothing lasts without institutions."
(Jean Monnet)

Welcome to the website of the ad personam Jean Monnet Chair at Fulda University.

Jean Monnet Chair

Hans-Wolfgang Platzer

Prof. Dr.

Hans-Wolfgang Platzer

Political Science/European Integration/European Economic and Social Policies

Building 22 (P), Room 201
Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Platzer +49 661 9640-
Consultation hours
Summer semester 2017: Tue 2-3 pm