Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Platzer: Lehrforschungsprojekt

Teaching research project

External and internal views of the European Union:  The European integration process from a multinational and intercultural perspective

The European integration process with all its conflicts, interconnected interests and debates on national, European and international levels offers some fascinating opportunities for research. In the teaching research project and courses associated with the project, students acquire the methodical skills needed for their own studies and they gain an insight into current developments in research. In addition to background information on the project, the website features video recordings of various guest lectures and seminars as well as video impressions of students' project work. Contact the Chair for more detailed information. 

See more information about the project "External and internal views of the European Union" on the website of the Centre for Intercultural and European Studies (CINTEUS)




Hans-Wolfgang Platzer

Prof. Dr.

Hans-Wolfgang Platzer

Political Science/European Integration/European Economic and Social Policies

Building 22, Room 201
Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolfgang Platzer +49 661 9640-
Consultation hours
Summer semester 2017: Tue 2-3 pm

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