Tasks of the Centre for Intercultural Language Practice (ZIKS)

ZIKS is responsible for organising and implementing foreign language instruction at Fulda University. This includes preparing students for the DSH test and ensuring the quality of teaching. The medium-term goal is to link more intensively the hitherto largely separate areas of foreign language instruction and intercultural skills development. Concepts will be developed and implemented to teach intercultural language skills and train adjunct lecturers in the field of foreign languages. Initial experience is currently being gained with appropriate concepts in the BASIB programme.

Foreign language training is no longer just about learning a language, but to an increasing extent it also involves preparing students for intercul­tural encounters. In 1999, the Social and Cultural Sciences Department established a chair for "Intercultural Communication", making it possible to actively combine foreign language training with programmes aimed at promoting intercultural skills.

In the longer term, ZIKS will acquire and carry out research and development projects on problems in intercultural communication and specifically on integrating language skill learning and the development of intercultural competencies.

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Organisational structure of the Centre for Intercultural Language Practice (ZIKS)

Dean of the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences
Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Reinhard

Academic Head of ZIKS
Prof. Dr. Volker Hinnenkamp
Language Centre
Sabine Kirschenhofer
Competence Centre
Intercultural Communikation

Prof. Dr. Volker Hinnenkamp