Prof. Dr. Anne Schäfer, M.A.

Social Law and Health Legislation, Constitutional Law, European Law of the Professions

Director of the examination board for the Bachelor's programme in Social Law (LL.B.)

Fulda University of Applied Sciences
Building 23, Room 012
Leipziger Straße 123
36037 Fulda
+49 661 9640-4667
+49 661 9640-452
Consultation hours:
Thurs 2.00-3.00 p.m.


Vorsitzende des Prüfungsausschusses für den Bachelor-Studiengang Sozialrecht: Link


Professional Career

  • Professor for Social Security Law and Health Law at the Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences
  • Scientific associate at the European Centre for Liberal Professions of the University of Cologne (EuZFB), Institute for Labour and Economic Law (Prof. Dr. Martin Henssler)
  • Lawyer in international partnership
  • Lawyer in medical law partnership


Legal Education

  • PhD at the Law School of the University of Cologne
  • Second State Examination in Law in the Justice of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Traineeship at the Higher Regional Court in the Cologne district
  • Associate at the “Großer Examens- und Klausurenkurs” at the University of Cologne
  • Scientific research associate at the institute of Constitutional Law and at the research centre for Healthcare Law at the University of Cologne (Prof. Dr. Wolfram Höfling, M.A.)
  • First State Examination  in Law at the legal examination office of the Higher Regional Court of Dusseldorf
  • Law Degree from the Heinrich-Heine-University Dusseldorf and the University of Cologne

Social Science Education

  • Student and scientific associate at the Chair of Sociology II at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf (Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Reuband)
  • Degree in Sociology, Political- and Sports Sciences at the Heinrich-Heine-University of Dusseldorf (Degree: Magistra Artum, M.A.)

Teaching Areas

  • Health Law and Social Security Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Constitutional Process Law
  • European Law
  • General and special Administrative Law


Berlin I, summer semester 2015

Berlin II, summer semester 2015

Cologne, summer semester 2016

Frankfurt, summer semester 2017

Areas of Research

  • Health Law incl. Social Security Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law incl. Law of Liberal Professions
  • Empirical Law Research

Research Projects

  • Health Legislation Interactive - New Teaching and Learning Methods (on-going, funded by the Committee of the Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences)
  • CALP & Law, Health and Liberal Professions – Development of a joint web portal for legal and socio-scientific analysis of the Liberal Professions in Europe (on-going, in collaboration with Martin Henssler, University of Cologne)
  • About the Future Viability of (Healthcare Practitioner) Chambers in Germany: About the Professional Association of the Health Professions in Germany and Europe (on-going)
  • Protection of Fundamental Rights in the Adaption Procedure, About the Federal Constitutional Court’s  Senate’s Accessoriness of the Chamber Judicature (Doctoral Thesis)
  • Collaboration in the study of the EuZFB for the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC): The State of Liberal Professions Concerning their Functions and Relevance to European Civil Society, 2013
  • Collaboration in several research studies about the legal framework of healthcare practitioners in Europe at the European Centre for Liberal Professions at the University of Cologne: Dentists in Europe, Physicians in Europe, Pharmacists in Europe, Veterinarians in Europe (2013)
  • Living and Dying in the Judge’s hand? – Euthanasia and Living Wills in the Custodial Legal Practice (in collaboration with Wolfram Höfling) 2006


  • Deutscher Juristentag e.V. (German Legal Colloquium)
  • Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kassenarztrecht e.V. (German Association of Panel Doctors’ Law)
  • Vereinigung Recht und Gesellschaft e.V. (Association of Law and Society)
  • European Survey Research Association


Monographies and Book Contributions

  1.  Protection of Fundamental Rights in the Adaption Procedure, Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck 2016 (Doctoral Thesis)
  2. Contracts for employed doctors and representatives (in collaboration with Rolf Schallen and Jan Kleinheidt), 2nd edition 2013 (reviewed in: MedR 2013, 404; GesR 2013, 640)
  3. The Consent for Minors (in collaboration with Martin Rehborn), in: Arbeitsgemeinschaft Rechtsanwälte im Medizinrecht e.V. (Ed.), 25 Jahre Arbeitsgemeinschaft – 25 Jahre Arzthaftung, 2011, p. 251 – 265.
  4. Judicial Decision Determinants over the Discontinuation of Treatment in the case of so-called Vegetative State Patients, in: Wolfram Höfling (Ed.), Das sog. Wachkoma – rechtliche, medizinische und ethische Aspekte, 2nd Edition 2007, p. 11-28.
  5. Living and Dying in the Judge’s hand (in collaboration with Wolfram Höfling), Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck 2006 (reviewed in MedR 2007, 166; GesR 2007, 239; JZ 2007, 403)


  6. §§ 219b, 219c, 284 – 305b, 320 SGB V, in: Berchthold/Huster/Rehborn, Commenton Health Legislation, SGB V, SGB XI, Baden-Baden; Nomos 2015 (reviewed in: MedR 2015, 554)


  7. Minimum and Maximum Prices before the ECJ – Challenges for Liberal Professions, in: Europäische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht (EuZW) 2017, p.1
  8. Ethical and Legal Aspects of Forced Feeding, in: Pflegezeitschrift 2016, issue 12, p. 714 – 717.
  9. Reform Bill of Healthcare Professions: Step back or Progress for Care? A Location Determination, in: Pflegezeitschrift issue 10, p. 574 – 576.
  10. Challenges and Chances for the Regulation of Liberal Professions, in: der freie Beruf March/April 2016, p. 5.
  11. Free Prices for Liberal Professions?, in: Neue Juristische Wochenschrift (NJW) 2015, p. 3404 – 3409 (in collaboration with Julia Kleen and Andreas Riegler)
  12. Goals, Introduction and Implementation of the new Peer-Review-Procedure according to Article 59 of the Professional Recognition Directive, in: Europäische Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsrecht (EuZW), 2014, p. 927 – 932 (in collaboration with Martin Henssler)
  13. Legal Questions of the Genetic Diagnostics Law (GenDG), in: GesundheitsRecht (GesR) 2010, p. 175 – 182.
  14. The Appointment of Guardianship Judges for Euthanasia, in: Deutsche Richter Zeitung (DRiZ) 2005, p. 248 – 251 (in collaboration with Wolfram Höfling)
  15. The Regulation of Living Wills from the Perspective of the Legal Practice, in: Zeitschrift für Rechtspolitik (ZRP) 2005, p. 92 – 96 (in collaboration with Wolfram Höfling)
  16. Constitutional Considerations regarding the Prohibition of a Roman à Clef, in: Archiv für Pressrecht (AfP) 2004, p. 95 – 98 (in collaboration with Dr. Jan O. Merten)
  17. The Scandalous Novel, in: Juristische Arbeitsblätter (JA) 2004, p. 548 – 555 (in collaboration with Jan O. Merten)
  18. About the Influence of Vocal Features and Persuasion Strategies by Interviewers on the Participation in Telephone Surveys, Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, 2003, p. 321 – 339 (in collaboration with Volker Hüfken)
  19. Public Relations by the Police and its Handling with the Crime Statistics, in: Monatsschrift für Kriminologie und Strafrechtsreform (MschrKrim) 2002, p. 55 – 67.


  20. Dierks/Henke/Frank/Hensmann/Wilkens, Citizen-Centred Healthcare, 2011, Nomos, in: GesundheitsRecht (GesR) 2011, p. 511.  Sosna, Sven, Data Protection and Secrecy
  21. Laws for Outsourcing Projects in the Hospital Sector – Baden-Baden: Nomos, 2015 (Schriften zum Bio-, Gesundheits- und Medizinrecht, Bd. 18), 341 p., in: GesundheitsRecht (GesR), p. 536.


Keynote speech “Economics vs Health? EU Proportionality Test for Health Professions”, event of Pharmaceutical Group of Euroepan Union, Council of European Dentists & Comité Permament Des Médecins Européens, 18th of October 2017, European Parliament, Brussels

The Service Package – More Growth due to less Regulation? Talk at the 12th European Day of the Bundeszahnärtzekammer, 7th of June 2017, 2:15pm – 2:45pm, Stanhope Hotel, Rue du Commerce 9, 1000 Brussels

The Europeanisation of Selected Healthcare Professions. An Overview of the Legal Situation Using the Methods of Empirical Social Research. Talk within the scope of FoSS, 17th of May 2017, University of Kassel, 6pm – 8pm

Rules and Regulations of Health Professions. A Comparison of Different Institutions in EU-Countires. Second International Conference on Survey Methods in Multinational, Multiregional and Multicultural Contexts (§MC 2016). 25th – 29th of July 2016

Legal Predetermined Self-Determination and the Question: Who decides how we live and die? Overview and Effect of the Regulation in Selected European Countries. Talk within the scope of FoSS. 14th of June 2015, 6:15pm – 8pm, Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences, SSC

Legal Predetermined Self-Determination and the Question: Who decides how we live and die? Overview and Effect of the Regulation in Selected European Countries. Inaugural Lecture, 31st of May 2016, Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences, Building 22 (former: P), Room 2017, 7pm

Further Functions

  • Functions in Self– Management
  • Chair of the Board of Examiners for the Bachelor’s program Social Law at the Hochschule Fulda University of Applied Sciences
  • Member of the QSL-Commission of the Social- and Cultural Sciences Department
  • Member of Department’s Council


Alisa Mayer, student assistant

Samira Schulze Beiering, LL.B.

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