Welcome to the Student Council

The University is structured through different departments. We are in the department for “social and cultural studies” (in short SK). Every department has a student council (Fachschaftsrat/ short FSR). Every student who wants to engage on a policy level with the university and wants to stand up for issues concerning students can join us.

We, the members of the FSR, are contact persons for every student in our department. We represent you on every university committee like the department council (FBR), the student parliament (StuPa), senate and the department conference (FSK).

In addition, we organise parties and cultural events, help to design the “Hochschultage”, are trying to make the start for new students as easy as possible and many more things.

If you have any questions or issues concerning the university, you can always talk to us. Especially our office hours are prone to that (currently they are held online). Sometimes we cannot help you directly, but we can always point you in the right direction or mediate between you and the department. We are happy to help you!

If you yourself want to join us, you can always visit our meetings, every Wednesday at 13:30 (currently via Webex). We welcome every new member or anyone who just wants to join us as a guest.


Office Hours WS 20/21 Online:

Tue 15:20-16:50

Thu 15:20-16:50

FSR-Meeting Online:

Wed 13:30-15:00







This is our main address. If you have any issues you would like to raise, problems or questions write us.


Coordination is the area of responsibility for lecturers and the deanery. The invitations to our meetings are also written here. So, if you want to visit us and raise a specific topic during our meeting this is the address for you.


Our members focusing on finances are responsible for everything were money is involved (budget, funds etc.)


Members tasked with organisation are responsible for our meeting/office-room and keeping our member-list up to date. 


This area of responsibility is mainly concerned with university wide networking.


Hochschulpolitik is the main contact point for every important university department (FBR, Senate, StuPa,etc.) and also organises yearly university elections. 


This area of responsibility is mainly charged with organising events. If you have event ideas or want to plan an excursion this is the address for you.


Öffis are responsible for our social media presence and the website. If you have something you want to share write us.

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