Alumni Social Law (SR), LLB

We are proud of the great number of graduates who have successfully completed our study programme in Social Law and would, of course, be happy to keep in touch with them.

As the profession of the Social Law expert is still new, we have been making an effort to make it better known to the public. In the meantime a large network has developed.

Since 2012, we have used the social network XING for our alumni work. XING is a reliable provider that offers a forum for professional exchange. In XING you can find the social-law professionals' group „Netzwerk aller Sozialjuristinnen und -juristen (Diplom, LL.B. + LL.M“), which has been established by the placement office.

In order to join the group with XING, please open the following link:

Here you can find more detailed information about the network, and you can then register and log in. You only need to fill in the profile and enter your name. You also need to upload a photo and name your degree(s). It yould be great if you could also describe your current professional activity, as "who works where and who does what?" are, of course, details that interest all of us in the field.

As soon as you have registered, please send an enquiry to Anke Schäfer, alumni officer. The enquiry will be confirmed if you are indeed a graduate of our study programmes in Social Law (LLB) or Social Law and Social Economy (LLM).

After confirming your enquiry, Anke Schäfer will admit you to the group. This group is protected, i.e. information can only be accessed by the group members.

The portal is used to announce job offers and other relevant information, e.g. about further training opportunities.

Of course, you can also contact the placement and alumni officer via this portal.

Alumni Intercultural Communication and European Studies (ICEUS)

This year, the master's programme ICEUS will celebrate its 20th anniversary, the bachelor's programme BASIB its 15th. Therefore, another conference and meeting for Students and Alumni will take place on the 6th and 7th of December (2019)! Further information on the programme will soon be published here, also the official invitation for Students and Alumni.

In November 2014, ICEUS already celebrated its 15th anniversary and BASIB its 10th. To mark the double anniversary, a symposium on the topic “Interculturality as a Challenge of Society” and an integrated Alumni Reunion took place. More information can be read in Alumni Newsletter No. 13.

More than 400 Alumni have successfully completed their ICEUS studies in Fulda. The Department of Social and Cultural Sciences maintains intensive contacts with lots of graduates and is always happy to receive news from Alumni. All former students are very welcome to get in touch with us from time to time, to take part in conferences, attend our Fuldaer Abende lecture series etc.!

Career Service

The Career Service mailing is sent to interested ICEUS graduates between once and four times per month. It contains a collection of recent job adverts and information on relevant funding and PhD programmes.

Please contact the programme coordinator at iceus(at) if you wish to receive the mailing.

Alumni Newsletter

Many ICEUS Alumni stay in touch with the ICEUS programme management and other staff of the Department after graduation and tell us about their whereabouts and their career paths. The ICEUS Alumni Newsletters provide a forum to disseminate information and experiences from ICEUS Alumni and to forward this relevant information to other ICEUS Alumni and to current students. Moreover, the Newsletter contains information on news and current developments at the Department.

ICEUS Alumni Newsletter No. 13

ICEUS Alumni Newsletter No. 14

ICEUS Alumni Newsletter No. 15

ICEUS Alumni Newsletter No. 16

Interview with ICEUS Alumna Enas Halaiqah

Master’s Theses

The titles of Master’s Theses written by ICEUS students are listed here by years.

Masterarbeiten 2018

Masterarbeiten 2017

Masterarbeiten 2016

Masterarbeiten 2015

Masterarbeiten 2014

Masterarbeiten 2013

Masterarbeiten 2012

Masterarbeiten 2011

Masterarbeiten 2010

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Masterarbeiten 2007

Masterarbeiten 2006

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Masterarbeiten 2002

Masterarbeiten 2001