Applying to the Fulda Graduate Centre of Social Science

The application procedure

Who can apply?

People with a relevant degree (usually Master's or Diploma with a total of 300 LP according to ECTS) can apply for the doctorate.

Applicants should have an interest in the intensive examination of a scientific question. They should be motivated to make an independent contribution to the further development of a relevant field of research.

The dissertation topic should also fit in with the HAW-specific profile, which is characterised by being application-oriented.

How do I apply?


  • independently search for a potential primary supervisor from among the professors associated with the doctoral centre.

  • prepare an informative written exposé and a timetable for the doctoral project.

  • submit the formal application in accordance with § 5 of the doctoral regulations once the primary supervisor has granted his/her approval.

The doctoral committee decides on admission.


The topic proposal is ready? A supervisor has been found? Then almost nothing stands in the way of your doctoral application. This checklist should help you not to forget anything on the way to your application.


A preliminary outline of the path to a doctorate can also be found on the overview page.

Doctoral Regulations