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Events of the FGCSS in winter semester 2021-22

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01 April
Critical Migration Studies Reading Circle

Satruday, via Webex

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Events without specific dates

Doctoral Colloquium: Researching Europe


Appointments by arrangement

by Prof. Dr. Claudia Wiesner

Upon personal registration over email: claudia.wiesner(at)

Reading Circle: Theories of Space


– Date, time and place will be announced ongoing –

by Corinna Land, Annika Schmidt & Petra Panenka

Upon personal registration over email: and

How can we understand and conceptualize “space”? How is space socially produced and negotiated? In this self-organized reading circle, we consider concepts of space from sociology, human geography and philosophy and discuss these from differing perspectives of our dissertation topics. We will be meeting approximately once per month online. Meetings and readings are flexibly oriented according to the needs of participants. Joining the reading circle is possible at any time - we look forward to growing!

Individual Consultation Opportunities

Office Hours for Doctoral Students


Every Thursday between 11-12h (online via Webex) with FGCSS coordinator Sebastian Garbe

Upon personal registration over: sebastian.garbe(at)

Individual Writing Consultation


Upon personal registration with Amata Schneider-Ludorff (Writing Center) over email: amata.schneider-ludorff(at)

Anti-Discrimination Consultation


Upon personal registration with Diana Dreßler (Anti-discrimination at HS Fulda) over email: diana.dressler(at)

Career Service: Individual Career Coaching and Consultation


Upon personal registration with Tatiana Blömer (Career Service International) over email: bloemer(at)

Open Access Publishing


Upon personal registration with Patrick Langer over email:

Literature management with Citavi


Upon personal registration over email:: schulungsteam-c(at)

Advancement of junior researchers at Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Fulda University of Applied Sciences is committed to supporting, advising and systematically advancing its junior researchers on every qualification level. The position for the advancement of junior researchers, which was established as part of the federal state program for the Recruitment and Development of Professorial Personnel (ProGEPP), addresses this concern with offers of interdisciplinary support. The offers include individual career counseling, an interdisciplinary qualification program and science career event specials.

All Fulda Graduate Centre of Social Sciences doctoral candidates are cordially invited to take advantage of these offers.

Your contact person is Dr. Miriam Kanne (CUV): miriam.kanne(at)

For more information, please find:

Events at Fulda University of Applied Sciences for doctoral students

Across the university, doctoral candidates in Fulda are also offered interesting events for joint research, continuing education and exchange. In addition to regular open colloquia, further training courses are held in cooperation with

University-wide offers (in German)

Conventions and Conferences

April 2022 +++ Workshop — Struggles for Hope: Negotiating the Future in Times of Global Crises

7 & 8 April 2022

The workshop will explore the diversity of visions and practices of future-making in the global, multifaceted crisis of capitalist modernity. We seek to illuminate social contestations over collective futures: What kind of future is likely, what is desirable, what are possible ways to shape tomorrow’s society? What are people’s hopes, fears, ideas and strategies for a social transformation? The workshop promotes the exchange between research on everyday future-relations of nonactivist populations and utopian thinking and prefigurative practices of social movements.


Call for contributions

The workshop provides a space for exchange for early career researchers who are working on these or related questions. Deadline for abstracts: 30 November 2021.

We are also planning a publication that will take up the workshop discussions. If interested, participants will be invited to propose an article.

Here you find the call and further information.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: 

November 2022 +++ Fulda International Autumn School – Mobilities and Human Rights

14 – 18 November

The Fulda International Autumn School is an annual event of the project “Transnational Governance and Human Rights” hosted by the FGCSS.

Under this year’s theme “Mobilities and Human Rights”, the one-week programme offers a range of formats and activities to get into an academic exchange with senior scholars and students from all over the world. In addition to keynotes and lectures from senior scholars who will introduce key research problems, doctoral and advanced master’s students will present their current research projects. In a creative and supportive atmosphere, we will jointly explore the diversity of (im)mobilities, discussing current theoretical and methodological challenges and providing new ideas and perspectives.

Perspectives and topics

  • Human rights and (im)mobility in labour migration
  • Displacement, development and forced migration
  • Intersectional perspectives on (im)mobility
  • Student mobility and transnational knowledge production
  • Doing research in a mobile world

Please find the full programme here


The keynotes are open to the interested public upon registration. Everybody who would like to participate in our workshops, learn and discuss with us, is welcome to join us. If possible, we kindly ask to participate throughout the whole programme. Full participation is the prerequisite for a certificate.

To register, please send an e-mail to:fgcss-autumnschool(at)

In case of any questions, please write an email to Norina-eliane.fischer(at)

Former Conventions and Conferences

International Fulda Autumn School 2021: Global Inequalities and Human Rights

In November 2021, the FGCSS brought together more than 100 students and scholars from all over the world for the Fulda International Autumn School “Global Inequalities and Human Rights”, the first in a series of annual events.

Programme/Keynotes (video)

ESSA Spring Conference 2021: Revisiting Migration with a Special Focus on the Global South

Spring Conference of the Development Sociology/Social Anthropology Section of the German Sociological Association (DGS) In cooperation with the Centre for Intercultural and European Studies (CINTEUS)