European Integration

The subject area European Integration includes all research topics that deal with Europe and/or the European Union. The economic, social, legal and political integration of Europe, which takes place primarily, but not only, within the framework of the European Union, has meanwhile taken on a scope that touches and permeates all areas of life. 

As in all subject areas of the Doctoral Centre, the approach is interdisciplinary. Questions of the unification of Europe are thus dealt with from the perspectives of political science, law and sociology, as well as in the most diverse areas and aspects.

Included Research Projects

The concept of worker: Possibilities of a consistent definition by using examples of selected member states of the European Union

Doctoral Project of: Jana Bub

Transnational Migration of Highly Skilled Professionals to and from Italy - The Mediterranean "Brains" on the Move: Dealing with "Brain Drain" or a "Global Brain Chain"?

Doctoral Project of: Dorina Dedgjoni

Comparative Analysis of Diaspora Nationalism: Crimean Tatars and Lipovans in Romania

Doctoral Project of: Murad Guliyev

Memory Politics and Identity: An examination of Europe's latent conflicts based on selected case studies

Doctoral Project of: Aileen Heid 

The role of the energy citizen in the realization of the layered cosmopolitan order in the European Union

Doctoral Project of: Sayyid Mohsen Madani

Top-down and bottom-up dynamics of the European public sphere in the local sphere

Doctoral Project of: Muriel Cathérine Pluschke

Migrant Women Entrepreneurship In Germany: An Empirical Analysis On Measures Promoting Entrepreneurship of Women from Middle and East Asia and Africa

Doctoral Project of: Deepica Sachdeva

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