The research area of globalisation focuses on cross-border interdependencies of social, economic and political processes and actors. What social challenges arise from this? What possibilities are there for shaping it? 

Current research projects investigate global crises and their (trans-)local manifestations, the negotiation of affiliations or conflicts over resources, explore transnational social movements, the connection between migration and development processes or the international governance of migration and labor.

Included Research Projects

Survival Strategies of Indigenous Tanchangya Peasants in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Doctoral Project of: Bablu Chakma

United Nations and Democracy Promotion in the Middle East and North Africa from 2000 to 2020

Doctoral Project of: Rafaa Chehoudi

Crisis and Future Imaginations: Changes in Jordanian students' conceptions of the future in times of Corona

Doctoral Project of: Norina Fischer

Global crises and local conflicts? Interactions, repositionings and utopian visions in land conflicts in Argentina

Doctoral Project of: Anja-Julia Habersang

Negotiating displacement and emplacement at contested agrarian frontiers: (Im)mobility, Resistance, and Acquiescence in Paraguay

Doctoral Project of: Corinna Land

Female subjectivities in times of Globalization: Case Study from Iran

Doctoral Project of: Farzaneh Esmaeilpour Langeroudi

(Waste)work in Pata Rat/Romania: On the way to Global Waste Picker Organizations?

Doctoral Project of: Manuel Lebek

The Impact of the Discourse on Climate Change on Inter- and Transnational Relations and Their Transformation: An Interdisciplinary Case Study on the German-Costa Rican Relationship

Doctoral Project of: Maren Mainx

Forced Migration in South Asia’s Borderland: Living in Displacement in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT) of Bangladesh

Doctoral Project of: Mong Marma

Data Protection as a Fundamental Right in the European Union: A case study of the legislative process of the General Data Protection Regulation

Doctoral Project of: David Muñiz-Hernández

Securitisation of Migration: Explaining the Social implications

Doctoral Project of: Ekrem Özyesil

Nexus of Rural Governance and SDGs during Covid-19 Pandemic in Yogyakarta – Indonesia

Doctoral Project of: Mochammad Hendro Prabowo

Societal relevance and responsibility as principles of new knowledge production: On the translation of a new relationship between science and society into the higher education system

Doctoral Project of: Andreas Röß

Navigating higher education: Conviviality, mobility and aspirations of non-traditional students in Northeast India

Doctoral Project of: Katrin Renschler

"Neither here, nor there” - Narratives of home and belonging of Syrian Refugees in Germany

Doctoral Project of: Shaden Sabouni

Modes of subjectification of postmodern work realities: Phenomenological Reflections on the Concept of Identity

Doctoral Project of: Erik Teubner

Indigenous Peoples (Politics), Everyday State and Development Experiences in Tripura, North-East India

Doctoral Project of: Biswaranjan Tripura

A critical inquiry to understand peace and development from the perceptive of the marginalised indigenous people of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

Doctoral Project of: Hari Purna Tripura

Kakuma Refugee Camp: Analysing resettlement process in the context of forced immobility

Doctoral Project of: Nancy Nduta Wanja

Brokering and representing the poor: An anthropological understating of NGOs in Pakistan

Doctoral Project of: Muhammed Ali Zaidi

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