The interaction between people under conditions of different cultural influences and practices, including the communicative challenges based on cultural similarities and differences, are the focal points of intercultural research. 

With questions such as "How can culture be understood and conceptualized in today's complexity?" and "How does understanding succeed or fail?", concrete topics are derived to offer assistance and food for thought on contemporary social issues. For example, our doctoral students are currently investigating how events such as the corona pandemic are presented in an international framework; what role translations play in an intercultural context, for example in the context of refugee movements; or asking what resources lie in gaps in understanding.

Included Research Projects

Qualitative social research in intercultural contexts

Doctoral Project of: Natalie Bella

Glottophobia based on regional language varieties – a German-French comparison

Doctoral Project of: Jasmin Berger

Love Under Stress: Understanding attitudes toward polygamy in Italy and the UK

Doctoral Project of: Fabio Gianni Calzolari

Understanding practices in globalized work contexts

Doctoral Project of: Galina Gostrer

Coronavirus in the intercultural context

Doctoral Project of: Yanglin Guo

Critical Incidents as Narratives: An Analysis of German-, Ukrainian-, and Russian-language Intercultural Stories

Doctoral Project of: Dariia Kapinus

The Impact of the Discourse on Climate Change on Inter- and Transnational Relations and Their Transformation: An Interdisciplinary Case Study on the German-Costa Rican Relationship

Doctoral Project of: Maren Mainx

Forms of non-understanding in intercultural communication: A Study Using the Example of Child Welfare Risk Assessment with Families from Vietnam

Doctoral Project of: Ngan Nguyen-Meyer

The consequences of modernity from an everyday intercultural perspective: An empirical study of international students’ perception and action within the German social system

Doctoral Project of: Agata Puspitasari Ranjabar

Departure for old shores: Rethinking the familiar. Understanding, experiencing and shaping culture as a familiar space

Doctoral Project of: Annika Schmidt

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