About the Language Centre

The Language Centre is a division of the Centre for Intercultural Language Practice (ZIKS) in the Department of Social and Cultural Sciences.

The Language Centre organises the programme of language courses for the University as a whole. The courses are available to all students. Courses are currently offered in 15 different languages:

English, French, Spanish, German as a second language, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Italian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Swedish, Swahili.

In addition to these courses which take place during the semester, intensive language courses are also offered in the holidays.

The courses are normally free of charge for registered students, i.e. also for international students in degree programmes or for exchange students (e.g. Erasmus students).

Only intensive courses during the semester (German courses) and other language courses during the semester break are fee-paying.

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Sabine Kirschenhofer

Sabine Kirschenhofer

Head of Languages, Language Centre

Building 22, Room 204
Sabine Kirschenhofer +49 661 9640-477
Consultation hours
Winter semester 17/18: Tues/Thurs 11-12

Frequently Asked Questions

This semester's language courses

Language courses in the winter semester 2017/2018

The course catalogue for all languages in the winter semester 2017/2018 can be found online on our portal "horstl".

German language courses in the current semester are listed under "German as a Foreign Language".

Online Courses for Self-Study

"Speexx" Online Course for Additional Practice

Study German or other languages whenever you have time at your own place and your own pace. You can practice "just for fun" or take an exam based on your online course at the end of the semester - with credit points.

We offer online courses in German, English, French, Spanish, and Italian! They are available for all students and members of staff!

Find out more about using the "Speexx" online course here.

Certificates and information at the info desk

Exam results and certification

Exam results will not be published online for reasons of data protection. The Language Centre will not normally send you any certificates. They need to be picked up by the students themselves. You will receive your course certificate with grade, credit points and CEF level (A1-C2) in building 23 at the info desk. Certificates are ready to be picked up at the beginning of the semester following your exam.

International students who need their certificates earlier than usual (i.e. before the end of the semester break after the exam) are asked to notify their teachers.

The grades (no names / with matriculation numbers) are also posted in building 22 on the second floor between rooms 202 and 204.

Info Desk: certificates and information

Language course certificates are available at the start of the following semester from the Information Desk in Building 23 (formerly "Q").

Opening times during the summer break 2017:

Tuesday, 9-13 hrs

Opening times during the winter semester 2017/2018 (23 October 2017 - 9 February 2018):

to be announced shortly

If no member of staff is available at the Information Desk, please contact the Secretariat (P 202) or Language Centre (Room P 204).

Information Desk Tel.: 0661 /9640-4666

The "DSH" exam for future students

German Language Exam "DSH"

The DSH is a German test at level C1/C2 that future students normally need to take if their study programme is taught in German.

Find out more on the DSH and DSH exam dates this year.