Language Centre


When, how and where can I obtain certification?

  • You can collect evidence of achievements or certificates at the beginning of the following semester from the Information Desk in Building 23 (Q)
  • All participants who have completed graded work (written examination, paper, oral test) receive a certificate that indicates the course name, level, grade and credit points. The certificates are issued automatically by the Language Centre and can be collected from the Information Desk.
  • Participants who successfully complete certificate courses receive a certificate for each individual course. On request, the Language Centre issues the foreign language certificate upon completion of the last certificate module.
  • Participants who do not wish to take an examination can ask their language teacher to sign a certificate of attendance without grades or credit points at the end of the semester. The blank forms for the certificates of attendance are available from the Information Desk or can be downloaded here. These certificates are no longer available at the end of the semester.

Is the Examinations Office informed of my grade?

  • The Language Centre only informs the Examinations Office of your grade if this is a compulsory part of your study programme (see relevant examination regulations for your study programme) and if you signed up for this examination through QISPOS.
  • In all other cases, participants can submit their certificate to the Examinations Office (SSC) and ask for an appropriate entry to be made in their transcript of records.