DAAD language test

Because the DAAD language test is costly both in terms of time and staff, it is offered only in special cases. Whenever possible, students are asked to take the TOEFL itp if this test can also be recognised. 

You can make an individual appointment for the DAAD language test at the Centre for Intercultural Language Practice. The DAAD test is subject to a fee.
See Scale of Fees for the Social und Cultural Sciences Department. You will given an invoice when you enrol.

The language certificate indicates your general and specialist knowledge of the language in the areas of listening comprehensionreading comprehensionwritten and oral expression, from Category a (can communicate effortlessly) to Category f (has extreme difficulty expressing him/herself and understanding), as you can see from the Language Certificate form.

The English test lasts approx. 45 minutes and consists of the following parts:

  • writing a letter of motivation, at least 300 words long 
  • reading a specialist text (reading time 20-30 minutes).
  • oral examination, 20-30 minutes long. You are expected to answer questions on a prepared specialist text and your letter of motivation. 

The form of DAAD tests in other languages depends on the examination candidate's previous knowledge.
At the end of the oral examination, you will be given the DAAD language certificate.
It is advisable to sign up for the test as early as possible since dates depend on the availability of the language teachers.