Foreign Language Certificate

The Foreign Language Certificate (Fremdsprachenzertifikat) is an optional study programme offered by the Social and Cultural Sciences Department. It is available to students from all study programmes.

To obtain the foreign language certificate, language courses in English, French or Spanish must be taken for six hours a week, i.e. normally two hours per week over three semesters. The foreign language certificate for English can be taken with different specialisations. Compulsory language classes in specific terminology at a minimum level of B2 may be recognised as part of the certificate programme on request.

After attending the certificate classes, participants receive the foreign language certificate level B2 or C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

To take part in the certificate programme, you must have a good previous knowledge of the respective language according to level B2.1.

Foreign language certificate courses currently on offer this semester are listed under current language courses.