Intensive courses: Programmes in the summer and winter breaks

Various intensive courses are offered regularlly in the lecture-free period February - April (winter break) and August - October (summer break)

We are sorry, but the programme is only available on the German website.

General Information on Intensive Courses


Enrol using the online form. Enrolment will be confirmed by email at the end of the application period or when the minimum number of participants has been reached.


Students at Fulda University and non-students are entitled to attend the foreign languages classes.


The intensive courses are an additional service and therefore subject to a moderate fee. The fees also enable us to guarantee course scheduling. They discourage students from enrolling and then not attending courses. According to the scale of fees for the Social and Cultural Sciences Department, fees that have already been paid shall not be refunded if there are no medical reasons for non-attendance after enrolment.

Payment or reimbursement of fees

After enrolment, at the end of the application period and when the minimum number of participants has been reached, course participants receive an invoice which is payable by the due date. Applicants are not entitled to participate unless they have paid the fee. If you can prove that you are unable to attend on medical grounds, the fee will be refunded.