Become a non-registered student

Persons not enrolled at Fulda University can also take part in the language courses during the semester.

Summer semester:mid-April to mid-July
Winter semester:
mid-October to mid-February

You can enrol as a non-registered student before the start of the course through the Language Centre. Course dates are announced on Fulda University's QISPOS portal. User ID and password are not needed. Follow the instructions on the language courses page to find out about individual courses and dates.

Prospective participants should fill in the application form to become a non-registered student, enter the chosen course name and, if applicable, the group. Please then send your application to

Hochschule Fulda
Fachbereich Sozial- und Kulturwissenschaften
Zentrum für Interkulturelle Sprachpraxis
Leipziger Str. 123
D-36037 Fulda

Your application will be processed by the Student Administration office.If there is an availability, the Student Administration office will send you confirmation of your place on the course and an invoice.

You can apply to become a non-registered student status

  • for one summer semester until 30April
  • for one winter semester until 31 October

Late applications can no longer be considered because the courses have already started.

Non-registered students pay a fee of €100 per semester, payable by bank transfer after they have received the request for payment.

Cancellation is only possible within two weeks after the certificate of non-registered student status has been issued.