Speexx online courses for self-study

Would you like to brush up on your language skills or learn a completely new language? Is your timetable full or do you have too many other extracurricular obligations?

Then why not take an online course in the evenings, at the weekend or during the holidays!

Speexx courses are always available, irrespective of lecture times or time of day.

You can simply log in via Moodle and take the courses just for fun. Or you can enrol as a participant via QISPOS, then you have the opportunity to take the exam at the end of the semester. Examinees are given a grade and credit points just like the participants of modules that require attendance.

Self-study e-learning courses are offered in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German at levels A1 to B2, for English also levels C1.1 and C1.2. Blended learning programmes (online course and on-campus course) are available for all English levels from A2.

Requirements: student user identification number and password. Available here.

Available for all students and other members of Fulda University of Applied Sciences

Access to language course via Moodle. Enrol for the self-study and blended learning courses via horstl during the respective registration periods.