Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)

You are usually required to prove you have passed the TOEFL ibt (Internet-based test) if you wish to study in an English-speaking country. This multiple choice test (plus essay and oral examination) is also required for enrolment in an increasing number of study programmes in Germany that are taught either in English or English and German. 

Information about TOEFL ibt is available on the homepage of the TOEFL provider in Germany.

Fulda University offers the internal TOEFL itptest. The test papers are versions of the former paper-based TOEFL test. They are set and assessed by the TOEFL provider. Participants receive a score report of the number of points they gain (310-677 points). TOEFL itp, however, is usually only recognised by the university that offers the test. Individual universities decide whether to make an exception to this rule. Other universities in Germany or abroad are free to recognise the test score or to demand the "official" TOEFL ibt (internet-based test). Please ask the university in question or contact the person in your department who is in charge of exchanges at partner universities.

TOEFL itp, dates and enrolment

To enrol, please use the enrolment form for your chosen test date. The examination fee is €60, or €85 for an express correction service. Participants can find out their TOEFL itp score after approx. 12 workdays in P 202 (SK Department Secretariat).

Click here to find out about the structure of TOEFL itp "Level 1" and to view sample test questions: TOEFL itp (Internal Testing Programme)  

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Please take note of application periods and remember to inform Fulda University if you have already taken the TOEFL test, specifying exact dates, otherwise your score might not be recognised.

What does the TOEFL score mean?

TOEFL preparation

Participants receive between 310-677 points.

According to the TOEFL provider ETS, the following scores apply to the Common European Framework of References for Languages(CEF) and the internet-based TOEFL ibt.

TOEFL itpTOEFL ibtCEF level

TOEFL preparation

Information on the structure and assessment of the test is available here.Preparatory material is available in the university and regional library.Please use this material to prepare for what used to be a paper-based TOEFL test (not computer-based, i.e. TOEFL cbt, or internet-based, i.e. TOEFL ibt). 

Intensive TOEFL preparation courses are regularly held during the semester break.Click here for more details.