Dare to Write!

It is the Writing Lab's aim to support students ...

  • to learn to better understand, direct and plan their own writing processes;
  • to experience writing as a creative process that allows for growth and enables writers to develop their own voice;
  • to use writing and reading strategies for generating new insights and critically engage with positions of other students and scholars;
  • to understand research and the overall scholarly endeavor of their field as a collaborative process in which peers give each other feedback learning from each other, and also
  • to develop the self-confidence and courage to contribute to the academic communities of their fields and become part of their disciplinary conversations.

To promote a culture of writing that both inspires students and supports them in multiple ways in reaching these goals, the writing center develops offerings for both students and instructors. In doing so, the center would also like to contribute to furthering an ongoing exchange about academic writing between students and instructors.

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