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Frederike | Writing Lab Consultant

„Words are in my not-so-humble opinion our most inexhaustable source of magic.“

Albus Dumbledore is right. Words are versatile. They can motivate and educate us, but they can also challenge or frustrate us. The possibilities of approaching writing and getting to know yourself through writing are inexhaustible.

The spoken word is just as important as the written word. Sharing the journey and experience of writing can be incredibly helpful, motivating, or simply thought-provoking. From my first wobbly steps to writing to strenuous sprints or exhausting marathon runs - talking about writing has always been part of it for me. It doesn't matter whether you're just taking your first steps, preparing for a demanding endurance run or are maybe already in the middle of it - in the writing lab you can talk to us about your writing, get advice, change your perspective, practice together or vent your exhaustion.

It also takes courage to embark on the journey of words. So it certainly won‘t hurt to pack one or the other helpful tool, a compass to guide the way or a bit of chocolate.

Just drop by and we'll see where the journey goes ;)

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