That was SchreibNight 2017!

At times there was a backlog of newcomers at the check-in desk, but all in all relaxed and focused work reigned. Nearly 80 students had come to the SchreibNight (the "WriteNight") in the Learning Center to work on their term papers, theses or annotated bibliographies.

Despite the lack of ventilation in the Learning Center, participants agreed: So many writers in one place motivates writing. While more than twenty of the writers used the opportunity to share ideas with and receive feedback from their peers, the trained student writing consultants, others were content with enjoying the stimulating surroundings of and typing away in company.

Workshops & mehr

As every year at the SchreibNight, the writing consultations were supplemented by workshops. Everyone who felt like it could participate in brief work-outs, get some inspiration in "creative breaks" or participate in a workshop. This year interest in the workshops varied more than is usually the case - but at the SchreibNight workshops take place even if there's only one participant.

Quiet work till 3 a.m.

Those who wanted it real quiet could withdraw to the room for "Quiet Work" and hunker down to delve deeply into their writing project. Two of the writers in the quiet room used almost the entire time and remained until 3 a.m. No wonder, that this was the room where a master's thesis was completed that night.