Writing Lab | SchreibNight 2018

Preparations Are Running at Top Speed!

Not all the details have been finalized yet - but what's certain is that the SchreibNight will once again open its doors from 5 p.m. through 2 a.m. in the morning in the Learning Center (building 44). For all who feel like writing in company, talking to a writing consultant if need be, taking a break in the SchreibNight Café or getting some in-between exercise led by university sports trainers: you're welcome to drop by anytime from 5 p.m. or later.

Are you having trouble finding the right literature for your paper? We're happy to be able to offer individual literature search consultations in cooperation with the library. Two database experts (also called librarians) are going to be on site from 6-8 p.m.

We're still in the process of developing our mini-workshops whose contents and times we'll announce soon. We're expecting to offer four workshops at 6, 8, 10 and 12 p.m. Stay tuned.

SchreibNight Offerings
5 pm-3 amConsultations| Mobile (in the main room)

Please sign up at the check-in for writing consultations. Of course, you're free to just work on your project in the main room on your own as well.
6-7 pmLiterature Research Consultations | Assigned spot in main room

Literature research consultations with the database experts from the library.
8.30-0.30 pmFiduS Active Breaks | Main room

Active breaks led by a university sports instructor - every two hours.
5 pm-2 amQuiet Work | Room 002

Sshhhh! Here writing only, please!
17-3 UhrSchreibNight Café | Room 003

Caffeinated and other warm beverages plus little snacks will help you make it through. Thanks for any donations you may be able to contribute.

6 pm
Experimenting with Beginnings (in German)

We'll first look at different text openings to analyze how they work. Then it's your turn to experiment with a beginning for your own text.
8 pm
Busting the Block: Reflecting Writer's Block Creatively (in German)

Your apartment is spic and span. Books and copied articles pile on your desk. The cursor blinks impatiently, but your fingers rest slugglishly on the keyboard. Nothing happens. Your brain oscillates between mental ebb, impredictable floods and slippery silt.

Why this might be so and how you can change this state of affairs creatively and with pleasure is what this workshop is about.

10 pm
Quoting without Plagiarizing (in German)
What is plagiarism - and how do I go about avoiding plagiarizing accidentally? Please note that this workshop does not address the basics of quoting and is geared towards students who have had first experiences with academic reading and writing.
12 pm
"Hi Prof!" - Writing Effective E-Mails (in German)
Lecturers frequently complain that students can't write e-mails that are appropriate in a university setting. This workshop invites you to examine a few examples in order to formulate your own e-mail-writing guidelines. Then you'll have the opportunity to test yourself by writing a sample e-mail.

What's Awaiting You?

It's your first SchreibNight? Here's a foretaste of what's awaiting you:

  • An atmosphere charged with writing energy
  • A room for quiet work for everyone who prefers working surrounded by silence
  • The Writing Lab's team of writing consultants with stores of feedback, writing strategies and other support for your writing project
  • Small snacks and beverages in the SchreibNight Café
  • Individual literature search consultations (6-7 p.m. only)
  • Four mini-workshops on different writing topics
  • ... find out what else there is!